The Ring

On Rachel's seventh day, she finds the body of Samara and doesn't die so she thinks that the hellish nightmare is over. The next morning Aiden tells her it's not. She rushes to warn Noah, but it is too late. Samara crawls out of his TV and kills him. Upset, she burns the tape, and wonders what she did that Noah didn't to survive. She then realizes that she made a copy, and showed it to Noah. Since Aiden watched it, she has him make a copy so he won't die, and plans to have someone else watch it. On the DVD version of this film, you can see that Rachel puts the tape in the Employees' Picks section of a video rental store. The original script had her send it to the child murderer seen earlier in the film.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when the main character is in the library on the internet, she goes to a couple of websites. When the shot shows the URL up top, it is C:\windows98\mydocuments\etc.html. Instead of actually searching on the web they used a premade html page and accessed it from their computer.

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Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.

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Trivia: Between some scenes you can see a flash of the ring, as seen at the beginning of the tape (and what Rachel sees when she looks up in the well as the lid is pushed back on).

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Question: It is understood that before you die, you see the ring. Noah's coffee cup makes a ring, and Rachel sees the lid of the well before she's supposed to die. But does Katie see anything ring-shaped in the beginning?

Answer: The television activates itself just as Katie is putting the glass to her lips - from her point of view, the rim of the glass would form a ring that filled her entire vision.


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