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Corrected entry: I haven't seen "Ringu", but how did Noah and Katie end up looking like they did after they died? Okay, so Samara used telekinesis and stopped their hearts, but the victims' bodies can't corrode that what did Samara do to them so they look like that?

Correction: Samara died after spending seven days in the well, and there is always water when she kills somebody, so her victims look like they were in the water for sometime after they die.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel sees Aiden's teacher, she pulls out a chair to sit on, but instead she decides to sit on the desk. What's the point in pulling out a chair that you won't sit on?

Correction: Racheal pulls out the chair and realises that the chair is too small then decides to sit on the desk.


Corrected entry: By the end of the movie it is pretty obvious that the only way to save yourself from dying is by making a copy of the video. Rachel does this and then she goes to the mental institute to talk to Becca where Becca tells her that she still has four days left. How is this possible if she already made the copy of the tape?

Correction: Rachel has to both copy the tape and show it to someone else; copying the tape alone is insufficient.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when the main character is in the library on the internet, she goes to a couple of websites. When the shot shows the URL up top, it is C:\windows98\mydocuments\etc.html. Instead of actually searching on the web they used a premade html page and accessed it from their computer.

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Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.

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Trivia: Between some scenes you can see a flash of the ring, as seen at the beginning of the tape (and what Rachel sees when she looks up in the well as the lid is pushed back on).

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Question: All Samara wanted was to be heard and she killed anyone who didn't make a copy and show to someone else. Obviously she was very capable of killing before Rachel and Noah found her body and found out what had happened to her. So why does Aidan say that it's bad that they found her? How does it matter since she could kill before too?

Answer: Correct. If anything, it made things worse for them since Samara mistook Rachel's quest to find out about her story (in order to save their lives) with genuine concern and care. That's the big reason why she takes over Aidan's body in The Ring 2 and becomes obsessed with Rachel being her new "mommy."

Answer: Aidan said to Rachel that they weren't supposed to *help* Samara. When she told him they had, he assumed that worse things were going to happen. He wasn't entirely wrong; the problem didn't go away, but Rachel finding Samara's body and learning the rest of her story didn't make things any worse. If anything it enabled her to understand why she escaped death.

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