The Tuxedo

Visible crew/equipment: During the sniper/oil tank fight, while Jackie is hanging under the walkway, and climbing across with his hands, if you look to the right side of the screen, in the shadows, you can see someone perched there. They actually move for a split second and then sit very still. (01:40:08)


Visible crew/equipment: When Chan is being chased by goons at the top of the silo, he hand-climbs back down underneath the walkway. Before he reaches the other side of the walkway, to the far left of the scene a cameraman is seen moving about in the shadows.

Mike Paul Wilson-Barrett

Visible crew/equipment: When Clark Devlin first puts the tuxedo on, he tests it out by doing some acrobatic moves. Even without slow motion, you can see its not the actor but some younger gymnast doing the moves.


Visible crew/equipment: The cable pulling Jackie Chan up the silo is visible.

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Continuity mistake: The back of Jennifer Love Hewitt's gown at the final party changes from when they are dancing when they arrive to when they are kicking butt in the lab.

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Clark Devlin: Jimmy, I hate to say this, but don't take advice from women about women.

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Trivia: The bad guy in this movie was a bottled-water magnate. This was Dreamworks' dig at Vivendi, the French water bottler that also owned Universal Studios, Dreamworks' rival.

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Question: After Del Blaine finds out Jimmy isn't Clark Devlin why did she want his watch and shoes? I understand her wanting everything else but not the watch and shoes.


Chosen answer: Since Del knew that the tuxedo actually belonged to Clark, she most likely thought that the watch and shoes did too.

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