The Tuxedo

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jackie Chan are on the top of the building, trying to plant the bug on the briefcase, and the men all attack, as Jackie is hanging over the edge Jennifer has a man on his knees. If you watch closely, or in slow mo, she is about two feet away from actually hitting the guy.


Revealing mistake: When Chan is trying the tuxedo for the first time, he activates de ingravid mode and then falls down from the ceiling. The falling mat is noticeable under the rug, because it's flat in further shots.

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Continuity mistake: The back of Jennifer Love Hewitt's gown at the final party changes from when they are dancing when they arrive to when they are kicking butt in the lab.

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Del Blaine: Oh my God.
Jimmy Tong: Oh your God what?

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Trivia: The bad guy in this movie was a bottled-water magnate. This was Dreamworks' dig at Vivendi, the French water bottler that also owned Universal Studios, Dreamworks' rival.

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Question: What is Steena's issue with Clark?


Answer: Same issues Q and M have with James Bond.

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