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The Tuxedo (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Jimmy is holding the shot glass to Del Blaine's noise with the queen bug in it, his first punch at one of the attacking henchmen causes him to remove the glass several inches from her face which would have let the bug escape.


Correction: How is this continuity? The bug stays there the entire time, regardless of the glass moving.


Corrected entry: If Mr Delvin knows about the water striders, why does he wait until he almost dies before telling anyone?

rabid anarchist

Correction: As Mr Devlin is a secret agent then has to keep his work a secret, also he may have only just found out about the water strider and hadn't had the chance to brief anyone on his findings.

Corrected entry: When Devlin's car explodes in the beginning. We see a shot from the front, and it shows the hood exploding. Then we see a shot from the top, the hood is intact, and explodes again.

Jack's Revenge

Correction: This is the same footage replayed numerous for dramatic effect. A common trait in action films.

Corrected entry: When the body of the former partner of Mr. Devlin is examined he looks like drowned. Del Blaine says, he died of dehydration. In a later scene we learn the bacteria works to fast and every other body is completely dried to dust within seconds.

Correction: They were testing different variations of the formula. That's why they have the 2nd guy come for a test.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Through the whole movie Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair is naturally straight. When she goes to the party her hair is crimped. She gets in a fight and is pushed in the water and the guy is trying to drown her. When it shows Jackie Chan fixing her knee her hair is crimped, but looks like it may have been sprayed down a little bit. If her hair was naturally straight it wouldn't have looked like that after being completely immersed in water.

Correction: How do you know her hair is naturally straight? The movie does not show her styling it at any point. Hair is easily straightened with a hair dryer and/or a straightening iron and many women do this daily. If you never actually saw her style it, you wouldn't know its natural state.

Corrected entry: When Jackie is fighting with the bike messenger, his shoes are pulled off. But when he lays down in the back seat to kick the roof, his shoes are on. There doesn't seem to be enough time for him to put them back on and lace them up.


Correction: Only one of Jackie's shoe gets pulled off and it stays off for the rest of the scene.

Corrected entry: Jackie Chan traps the queen water strider in a glass against Jennifer Love Hewitt's face. Then they are fighting the bad guys, but a long shot shows Jackie spin Jennifer around to knock over several of the baddies and there is no way he could be holding the glass to her face. In the next close up the insect is still in the glass held against Jennifer.

Correction: When Jackie Chan catches the queen water strider in the glass and spins Jennifer Love, knocking down several bad guys, it may appear that the glass would have dropped. But if you look close you can see that Jennifer Love is holding the glass under her chin.

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