The Tuxedo

Plot hole: When Delila finds out who Jimmy really is, she takes his tuxedo and is apprehended by the bad guys. She then turns on her homing device on her necklace. The office says it will take 20 minutes to get to her. From that statement to when the CSA finally arrives, Jimmy has time to go to Devlin's, write him a letter, discover water striders, find his suit, and get back to Delila and fight the bad guys. THEN CSA shows up. The timing is really off.

Jack's Revenge

Plot hole: Near the beginning when the bad guy is testing out his "new formula" on his employee, his explanation of how the bacteria worked could not have caused the effects seen on the man. Genetic material couldn't be incorporated into the host that quickly and besides, pumping electrolytes into the bloodstream may cause death but that would not remove any of the water - it would still be present in the cells and so the poor chap wouldn't be turned to dust in that way.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy was in a fight with the mean biker dude, the guy punches and shatters the driver's side window of Jimmy's taxi. After the fight, when Jimmy is driving a woman, the window is perfectly intact.

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Clark Devlin: Jimmy, I hate to say this, but don't take advice from women about women.

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Trivia: The bad guy in this movie was a bottled-water magnate. This was Dreamworks' dig at Vivendi, the French water bottler that also owned Universal Studios, Dreamworks' rival.

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Question: Exactly what is Banning's plan?


Answer: Banning, head of Banning Corporation, wants to take over the global drinking water supply. He intends to start by poisoning major US reservoirs using genetically modified water strider insects. The striders carry bacteria that will spread from person-to-person.

raywest Premium member

Answer: If you're talking about his evil plan with the Banning Corporation, he wants to take over the world's drinking water supply (so that anyone who wants drinking water will have to buy it from Banning). He is trying to contaminate the U.S. drinking water with a deadly bacteria.

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