Corrected entry: The Djinn grants two wishes to Alex's boss: One for making the item on his desk "100 times more valuable", then granting him $1 million by having his mother die in a plane crash. He is only able to grant one wish to a person (save for the one who releases him from the Opal). The Djinn directly states that he can't grant more than one wish to a single person in the second film, when the Russian asks him for a second wish.


Correction: At first glance, that would be correct. However, look a little more closely. Earlier in the film, he seems to grant two wishes to the sales girl and the security guard. In all cases, including with Alex's boss, he asks them to tell them what he wants, but in all three cases, it wasn't what they wanted, but more something along the lines of what they needed to do in the course of their work. Each time it was merely a demonstration of his power in order to tempt them to make a wish that was much more personal to them. For example, he tricked the bum, the detective, the doctor, the bouncer at Beaumont's party, Beaumont, and Wendy into making a personal wish without having to demonstrate his power first. The wish he had to grant was a personal desire of the wisher's own free will and not something they were directed into making.


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Alexandra Amberson: Why don't you go to bed? I don't want you to worry.
Shannon Amberson: Can you can the big sister act for one night?



After the explosion in the laboratory, Josh is laying on the floor, injured. His face is covered in blood, however during the scene the amount of blood on his face keeps changing. In close ups of his face his lips are free of blood, but in wider shots his lips are covered in thick amounts of blood.



This movie features three horror stars. Beaumont is played by Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Johnny Valentine is played by Tony Todd (the Candyman), and the guard at the auction house is played by Kane Hodder, the man behind the mask as Jason Voorhees in several consecutive Friday the 13th films.