Alex thinks about all of the clippings and news stories and then wishes that the dock worker, Mickey Torelli, hadn't been drinking on the job 2 days ago. The Dijinn is pulled back into the fire opal. The time goes back 2 days and the statue is delivered safely. Josh and Alex get together for their long sought-after date and everything has returned to normal. As the movie ends, we see Ahura Mazda and the fire opal. As the camera zooms in , we get a last glimpse of the Djinn sitting on his throne and he's laughing.


Continuity mistake: After visiting the home of the Djinn, Alex receives a call from him and answers the phone and screams into the receiver without pressing the "talk" button on her cordless phone, so her response wouldn't be heard.

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Nathaniel Demerest: Step aside, doorman.
Johnny Valentine: Doorman? The name is Valentine. Johnny Valentine. You'd better remember when they ask you how you lost your eye.

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Trivia: This movie features three horror stars. Beaumont is played by Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Johnny Valentine is played by Tony Todd (the Candyman), and the guard at the auction house is played by Kane Hodder, the man behind the mask as Jason Voorhees in several consecutive Friday the 13th films.

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Question: Can the Djinn only give bad wishes according to his interpretation of them or does he just do it because he is pure evil and "enjoys" giving people exactly what they asked for, just not what they actually meant? For example could he, if he wanted, have given the shop assistant a lifetime of beauty without turning her into a mannequin?


Answer: The Djinn is a demon, it only knows how to hurt people. The wish he offers a person is just a way for the demon to buy the soul of that person, making use of the emotions inside someone to have them wish something. The wish works how the Djinn wants it to work, not what the victim wants it to do, that's irrelevant to him. Yes, he has the powers to give people what they actually want, but he doesn't as he doesn't care about people.

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