Stealing Harvard

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tom Green has the boy hanging from a rope with a chainsaw. When the boy cuts the limb the limb hits the car, and bounces onto the ground. The camera cuts to Tom Green and Jason Lee, and then back to a shot where you can see the car and the limb is back on the trunk.

Continuity mistake: Tom Green is trying to break a window by tossing chairs and etc. at it and there are marks all over the window. In the next scene the marks are gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where John, Patty and Noreen are watching the old videos, Noreen pauses the spelling bee tape. They tell John the news and Patty says "here is my favorite part", and the tape is still playing, but nobody clicked it off pause.

Continuity mistake: In the part where Jason Lee is taking a picture with the widowed guy he takes the picture without the gun however at the end you see the picture and the man is holding a gun.

Continuity mistake: The scene where Jason Lee tells Tom Green to break a window at Jason Lee's workplace. Tom Green tries his hardest to break the glass and we continuously see the dog trying to get out of the office. If you look closely you can see a desk that changes positions - it even covers the dog to where you can just see his head.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Green is trying to break a window to make it look like someone broke in, he uses several chairs to break it, but has trouble. One of the chair he throws bounces off and hits a mannequin and knocks it down. A few minutes later,(during a shot from the outside through the window at Tom Green), the mannequin is once again standing. Then it goes back to being knocked down once again.

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