The Beastmaster
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Revealing mistake: When the ferret grabs the arrow with its teeth and runs away, the shot changes and it's very obvious that the arrow has been attached to some sort of collar around the animal's neck.

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The Beastmaster mistake picture

Continuity mistake: A thick cloud of steam suddenly appears on the lake between frames while Kiri is bathing. It makes everything more magical, but it's definitely awkward.

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The Beastmaster mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Kiri steps out of the water when the ferrets steal her clothes. She tries to cover herself with a small piece of garment around her waist. A frame later she is wearing a full dress.

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The Beastmaster mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Every time Dar's village is seen from the hill, it is a very crappy and blatant scale model where all the people and animals are suddenly missing.

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Continuity mistake: When Dar and the others use a boat to intercept Kiri and her captors, we see them sailing towards the pier, but in the close-up shot they're pulling themselves along a rope which was absent from the earlier shot. (Noted in director's commentary.)

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Dar: I'm Dar.

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Trivia: In the shots with Josh Milrad and the tiger, the tiger was either chained down, behind glass, and/or sedated.

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Question: Why did the huge bat-like creatures kill the man that was in their cage but let Dar live?

Answer: The creatures did not eat Dar because the eagle landed on him, showing him as a friend to the eagle. They apparently worship eagles, as also indicated by the talisman they give him.

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