The Transporter

Other mistake: The wheel brace Frank picks up from underneath the trailer has no use whatsoever on a lorry and trailer - it is too small.

Revealing mistake: When Frank's discarded paraglider has blocked the windscreen of the car, causing the collision, the stopped car explodes slightly *before* the actual collision (this is just noticeable even at normal speed) and the explosion is visible in stop-motion as originating inside the car (visible through windscreen) as opposed to the gas tank.

Factual error: The 40' container had a railing and a ladder welded onto it for the movie. With a ladder on its side, it cannot be stacked next to another container on a ship or yard, so couldn't have been shipped to or from anywhere. (01:22:40)


Continuity mistake: During the 1st chase when camera is showing how Frank's hand is shifting gears, there's one shot of the bank robber's hand getting hit with the gearstick while Frank is shifting. Next shot shows all bank robbers in the car with visible hands. No one is that quick to move his hands so fast. (00:05:20)

Continuity mistake: When Frank is on the way to the bank, he stops at an intersection and a couple of people cross. On the right side of his car (as on the screen), that part of the lane is empty. Then there is a shot of Frank inside the car and you can see cops in their patrol car next to him, while in previous shot there was nobody there. (00:02:50)

Frank Martin: All right, that's enough juice for now.

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Trivia: In the very beginning of the film the TV broadcasts images from Starship Troopers' recruiting commercials.

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Question: Frank is fighting a lot of bad men in oil, so everything is slippery. My question is: What are the things Frank puts on the front of his feet, to fight the slippery oil, they are like half-rollerskates?


Chosen answer: You notice that Frank removes those items from a bicycle frame. Those are stirrup-style rat trap bicycle pedals. They have serrated metallic edges which supposedly give Frank traction on the concrete floor, despite the oily mess.

Charles Austin Miller
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