The Transporter

Revealing mistake: After his car explodes, Frank exacts revenge on Wall Street's men. With the last one he takes out, before he fires the man's gun at the walls, he leaps into the air, flips, kicks the man back and then lands. The Asian stuntman, who has more hair than Frank and wears shoes with tread detail, unlike Frank, is too obvious. (00:30:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Frank slits the duct tape on Lai's mouth, the position of the slit changes after the initial close-up. (00:19:30)

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Revealing mistake: As Frank is about to be shot in the warehouse, he pulls the giant thug in front of him as a body shield. They both fall back through the window and hit the water. As they do, we see the back of Frank's hair, which is something of a shag style. It is far from being Jason Statham, as throughout the film his buzz cut is almost to the point of him being bald. (01:15:10)


Factual error: To start his first mission, Frank has an alarm set on his watch. The watch he is wearing is an Officine Panerai. This brand makes only mechanical watches. But what is heard going off is an alarm on a quartz watch. (The only Panerai with a mechanical alarm looks completely different.)

Revealing mistake: As Frank is about to be shot in the warehouse, he pulls the Giant Thug in front of him as a body shield. They both fall back through the window and hit the water. Since an oil drum is thrown on the water then shot to light the water ablaze, Frank needs more oxygen. He goes to the Giant Thug to extract some from his lungs. Right before they cut to close-up, you see the Thug is a painfully obvious, stiff-armed dummy. (01:15:40)

Visible crew/equipment: When Frank tosses Lai, who's tied up, at the officer she is wearing black protective gear under her white shirt, instead of the usual pinkish top.

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Continuity mistake: In the garage fight scene, Frank slathers himself in motor oil to gain a slippery advantage over the mob of attackers. He escapes by diving through a window, plunging into the bay below. After a swim to safety, he is perfectly clean. (01:13:45 - 01:16:00)

Factual error: In the first chase scene, when the Transporter jumps his car off the bridge, over the railing, and on top of the moving transport, it would be impossible for his car to gain enough speed to get its front end up so high and get over the railing the way it did, just by driving over the sidewalk edge. (00:08:00)

Continuity mistake: Frank has the fastest microwave in the world. It looked like he programmed his microwave for three minutes to cook noodles. Frank then talks to Lai for just over 30 seconds when the microwave beeps, indicating the time is up. (00:33:35)

Factual error: When Frank and the dead thug are underwater, with the bad guys firing at them after the oil-fight, if you look, you can see that the bullets from the guns are shooting straight down through the water. Most modern guns (including the ones the bad guys are using) are so powerful, that the bullets shatter upon hitting water, so the bullets we see whizzing about underwater are not real.

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the 18-wheeler trucks, watch the highway in the background. Throughout the whole scene the traffic behind the trucks keeps dissapearing and reappearing.

Visible crew/equipment: In the initial chase scene just after the shot where you see the two police vehicles following the BMW into a narrow lane there is a head on shot of the BMW, all throughout this shot you can see the side/brake lights of the camera car reflected in the driver's side headlight, and the grill when the BMW is really close. (00:05:00)

Factual error: Frank hotwires the S class Mercedes and steals it. First mistake is to believe that you can simply hotwire an S class Mercedes, you can't, because it has a special ignition key that sends a signal to the ECU. No key, no engine start, no matter how many wires you splice. Secondly, exactly when did Frank break the steering lock? After he starts the car, the camera shot then shows him driving off.

Character mistake: Inspector Tarconi refers to Frank's car as a BMW 765, yet later Frank refers to it as a BMW 735. In the E38 style BMW 7 series, there are 728, 730, 735, 740, and 750 models. Only the 740 and 750 sold new in North America and all the models sold in Europe. The 740 and 750 are almost never seen in Europe for fuel reasons. There is no such car as a BMW 765, in any body series. (00:12:30)

Other mistake: The distance and end speed by the guy sliding on the truck's door was too unrealistic considering the truck's speed compared to the background and that it was uphill.

Continuity mistake: In the lorry chase scene Franks is followed by three black Mercedes S-classes. When he drops his parachute, we can see it falling on an S-class with alloy wheels. After the car crashes a Mercedes C-class with steel wheels can be seen in the explosion. (01:19:10)

Other mistake: When Frank's car is blown up as he returns from delivering Lai, he is blown off his feet by the blast, and is standing about 50 feet away from it. Yet the plastic table and chairs, just in front of the car, are blown straight up, not away from it. (00:28:15)


Continuity mistake: When the plane with Frank in it swoops low over the convoy and then regains height, the convoy is seen to be at a particular point on the road. After Frank jumps out with the paraglider and catches up with the convoy, it is at the *exact same spot* on the road, despite having driven on in the intervening shot.

Factual error: When Frank and the woman get shot at in his house, the bullets go through the walls like they were cardboard. This type of construction has 1-2 feet thick dense rock walls. Normal guns and bullets won't get through it at all. (00:40:00 - 00:45:00)

Factual error: When Frank dives off the container and goes feet first into the lorry cab his body isn't long enough to do this as he is holding the grab handles on the front of the container, even if he let go he couldn't make it his feet would just reach then he would fall backwards into the road. The lorry cab is too big to achieve this.

Frank Martin: All right, that's enough juice for now.

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Trivia: The BMW used in the film was an E38 735i, according to the BMW Wiki page. In the DVD commentary, Statham tells us it was a custom-built, manual transmission (when the production cars are automatics), and therefore one-of-a-kind. (00:02:30)

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Question: After the Transporters BMW gets blown up he goes back to the house and starts beating everyone up. Whats the song that plays during the the whole scene? I don't think it's on the soundtrack.

Answer: It's not in the soundtrack. The song is "Fighting Man" by "DJ Pone & Drixxxe".

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