Trivia: When Arnie and Leigh discover that the car has been trashed at Darnell's Garage and Arnie suddenly turns on Leigh, yelling at her and shoving her backwards, note the look of shock on her face - it's real. Keith Gordon (Arnie) explains on the DVD that in rehearsing the scene, he purposely didn't react as violently, so when the scene was shot, his behavior change actually shocked Alexandra Paul (Leigh). (00:57:20)

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Trivia: While Christine is a Plymouth Fury, many of the cars used on the production weren't. Many of them were similar-looking cars that were simply made up to resemble a Fury. Only a few actual Plymouth Fury's were used. (Mostly for glory-shots, closeups, etc).


Trivia: Only three known "Christine" cars still exist, and only one of them is a proper Plymouth Fury. The lone Fury currently resides at the Rochester Auto Museum in Upstate, New York. It is valued as high as $500,000 due to its notoriety.


Trivia: Reportedly, the films uses of the f-word were added at the last minute because they didn't think the film would get an R-rating due to most of the violence being not very bloody. (Mostly just people getting hit by cars.) They were worried movie goers wouldn't go to see a Stephen King horror movie that was rated PG, so they peppered in several f-bombs to artificially drive it up to an R-rating.


Trivia: One time Alexandra Paul brought her twin sister Caroline to the set and successfully pranked director John Carpenter by having Caroline shoot a scene. Carpenter, very amused, later said he could tell there was something odd going on when they shot the scene... but couldn't quite figure out what it was.


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Revealing mistake: In the scene when Christine smashed repeatedly into the silver Camaro at the gas station, there is no motor in the Camaro. The hood of the Camaro gets knocked off the hinges and is twisted sideways on the car. As Christine is in reverse and dragging the Camaro along you can see down through the hood that the engine compartment is empty. Minus a transmission also, I believe. (01:15:30)

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Buddy Repperton: Some shithead's following me.

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Question: Has anyone who worked on the film given an explanation as to why Christine's odometer was running backwards? If so, what was the reason?

Answer: The odometer ran backwards to symbolise going "back in time," explaining both the quick body repair after damage and the radio playing only 50's music.

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