Corrected entry: When Christine is on the assembly line and in later shots in the movie she has a white top but when Arnie sees the car in George's yard it has a red top.

Correction: The roof is actually white in this scene, it's just rusted over.

Corrected entry: When Moochie is about to be crushed by Christine, all he had to do was climb on top of the car and run for it. Instead he just stands there.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Even if Moochie had successfully climbed over Christine and ran off, that wouldn't have stopped her. She could simply shift into reverse and continue following him.

Corrected entry: Christine is a 1957 Plymouth Fury, and is shown being assembled on the assembly line in 1957. She is painted 'Autumn Red', as per Detective Junkin's remarks later in the film. However, the 1957 Fury was only available in one color: 'Buckskin Beige'. In fact, all of the other Furys shown on the assembly line are the correct color. The producers apparently made Christine red to give it a more flashy, sinister look than what the beige color would provide.

Correction: According to the novel, Christine is red because she was custom ordered in that color, the color is referred to as "autumn red" in the novel but not the movie. Christine is also a 1958 model.

Yes, production of 1957 models stops months before the September, 1957 assembly line scene date,.

Corrected entry: Christine's headlights are visible through Buddy Repperton's rear window as she is chasing him. Repperton makes a pretty quick steering maneuver to get away from Christine, and her headlights are shown moving sideways in the rear window to simulate this. Unfortunately, the movement of Christine's headlights is far too slow to correspond to the quick movement of Repperton's steering wheel. It was done in a studio and looks pretty phony. (01:14:55)

Correction: Christine was following closely, and turned at the same time he did. However, the Camaro turned a little sharper, and thus Christine's lights didn't follow at exactly the same rate, so they move slowly instead of fast, or staying stationary relative to the Camaro.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the final scene when our hero says "They really cleaned this place out," they must not have noticed the little white car that Christine runs into on her first suicide run. (01:33:50)

Correction: Compared to what Darnell's place looked like prior to this scene, it was cleaned out. The white car left in there may not have been moveable due to no keys, or could have been left while waiting for the owner to pick it up.


Corrected entry: Christine's "hard" exhaust note was dubbed over from a much later car, probably a Chrysler Hemi with at least a 10:1 compression ratio. Late fifties cars had much lower compression ratios, around 8.5:1, due to the lower octane fuel then used. They obviously wanted her to sound more menacing.

Correction: Actually, the 350 Cubic Inch Golden Commando V-8 that the Fury had, has a compression ratio of 10:1 plus a high performance camshaft. The exhaust note of Christine could have come from the actual car.

Corrected entry: The restored Christine has yellow and black late '50s standard California license plates with the number CQB 241. The only time the letter Q was used at that time was on special plates for ham radio operators, and even then it was a different style; the type of Q they used on Christine wasn't introduced until the late '60s.

Correction: Filmmakers have to use fake numbers to avoid lawsuits (just like fake adresses and phone numbers).


The CQB stood for close quarters battle.

While true, they have to make fake plates, it doesn't invalidate the mistake because the mistake is saying the Q seen wouldn't have been used. It would be like using a fake phone number that started with "0."


Corrected entry: In the library, when Dennis is dared to ask Leigh out, he walks past her and removes a book from a shelf. The book is 'Christine' by Stephen King. (00:32:20)

Correction: I re-watched the film recently and the book is not Christine. It is a book by Darwin. This can be seen if you pause the film right before Dennis removes the book from the shelf.

Corrected entry: Christine's production line is shown stopping at 5pm exactly. Car production lines are very capital-intensive - in 2011, they cost about £10,000 an hour to run - so they are usually run on two or three shifts, finishing at 6am, 2pm, or 10pm. Meal breaks are usually half way through the shift, so that doesn't fit either. In any case, until the 1980's, there was usually some allowance for "washing up time" at the end of each shift - the men (in those days) would finish at ten to the hour to have time to wash their hands and change their clothes.

Correction: I work on a production line. The exact time my work finishes each day varies. This day, that production line happened to finish, for whatever reaon, at 5PM. There's no mistake in that.


Corrected entry: In filming the movie, both 1957 and 1958 Plymouth Furys were used: they had similar body styles, but quad headlights were not allowed until the '58 model year. The '57's had what looked like headlights inboard beside the real headlight, but were in reality only chrome ornaments. In some scenes, the car starts as a '58 then changes to a '57, then back to a '58.

Correction: Although several Furys/Belvederes/Savoys were built to look like Christine, none of them displayed the dual headlights of the '57 model. Other interchangable parts between the '57 and '58 may have been used, but the headlights remain the quads of the '58 throughout the movie.

Corrected entry: While on the assembly line in the beginning, Christine's air filters were brass colored. After Arnie buys her and she restores herself, they're chrome. Doubtful he found them in Darnell's junk heap.

Correction: He could have found them on a junked car, or he could have bought them somewhere, he probably would not have been able to find every part he needed in the junk yard, so it makes sense that he would have had to buy a few new parts.


Corrected entry: In 1958, Plymouths could be ordered with radios (as was Christine in the movie). However, radio technology at that time still used vacuum tubes and vacuum tubes take time to warm up. Transistor (solid state) radios require no warm up time and produce audio instantly when turned on, but transistor radios were not used in cars until the early 60's. Typically, vacuum tube radios takes approximately 5-10 seconds for audio to be heard after the radio is turned on. In the assembly line scene (as well as later scenes), the radio is turned on and music is heard instantly but this is simply not possible with a vacuum tube radio.

Larry Kohut

Correction: The car is possessed. Evil doesn't follow any rules.

Apart from the tagline of the movie, we are not given any indication Christine is possessed by an external force. She was born evil and sentient.

Jukka Nurmi

Correction: Arnie cobbled the car together with parts from Darnell's wrecking yard. Also, there are a number of companies that make modern electronic radios with the face plates of the original car for car restorers.


The car radio came on the instant it was turned on on the assembly line in 57. It played Buddy Holly, Not fade away.

Christine mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Christine smashed repeatedly into the silver Camaro at the gas station, there is no motor in the Camaro. The hood of the Camaro gets knocked off the hinges and is twisted sideways on the car. As Christine is in reverse and dragging the Camaro along you can see down through the hood that the engine compartment is empty. Minus a transmission also, I believe. (01:15:30)

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Arnie Cunningham: Oh man, there is nothing finer than being behind the wheel of your own car! Except maybe for pussy.

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Trivia: When Arnie and Leigh discover that the car has been trashed at Darnell's Garage and Arnie suddenly turns on Leigh, yelling at her and shoving her backwards, note the look of shock on her face - it's real. Keith Gordon (Arnie) explains on the DVD that in rehearsing the scene, he purposely didn't react as violently, so when the scene was shot, his behavior change actually shocked Alexandra Paul (Leigh). (00:57:20)

Jeff Swanson

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Question: What song is playing as Christine is crushing Darnell against the steering wheel?

Answer: "I've Got A Girl Named Boney Maroney" by Larry Williams.

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