Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

Corrected entry: When Carmen and Juni are in the room with the skeletons, Juni grabs the necklace and they run down the hall and to the right. They then come back around to where they were, realizing they were going in a circle. Carmen says that they should go left. While Juni pauses to notice the absence of the skeletons, Carmen runs down the hall and turns right again, but doesn't go in a circle again.

Correction: If you watch when the kids go through the first time, you see that the tunnel hooks to the right before coming to a fork.

Corrected entry: In the end credits (the music video) you find out that Machete never put any batteries in his gadget. If this is so, why did Carmen start singing in Spanish, and why was she so surprised about it?

Correction: That is supposed to be part of the humor of the whole sequence. It is supposed to show that the kids could do that stuff without the help of the gadgets.

Corrected entry: When Donnagan and his crew are coming to the Island they come in helicopters, however the transmooker was not taken out yet, so they shouldn't be able to work.

Correction: It is possible that the helicopters were not within the whatever mile radius the transmooker affects. Also, as Donnagen has ben to the island before and some of his men are seen making use of the magnet technology, it is extremely likely that the helicopters he and his men are flying also use magnets rather than electricity.

Corrected entry: Why is it that the two-headed serpent is the only being to notice that Gary & Gerty smell like camel poop?

Correction: How do we know nobody else noticed? Besides, they never interact with another creature again.

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Corrected entry: When Gary and Gerti are speeding through the water their spy sub shuts down. However, the momentum should carry them on through the water for quite a ways. Instead, the sub stops dead, causing their faces to hit the windshield.

Correction: This is part of the joke.

Corrected entry: Carmen shouldn't have enough time to put all Gary's pictures on the submarine screen.

Correction: Not if she is accessing her personal database remotely (which is not too unbelieveable) and accidentally triggered a function that she had set up to fill her screen with his pictures.

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Corrected entry: When Ralph is spying Gary and Gerty, their father says that Bermuda Triangle is near Madagascar. Actually, the Bermuda Triangle is near the U.S.A.

Correction: He doesn't say that the Bermuda Triangele is off the coast of Madagascar. What he actually says is "There is a Bermuda Triangle of sorts off the Coast of Madagascar." He is simply saying that there is an area where things are occurring similar to the Bermuda Triangle.

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Corrected entry: If other spies have disappeared when approaching the island in their ships, wouldn't you see the abandoned ship on the sea floor when Carmen and Juni are approaching the area of disappearance?

Correction: It is highly unlikely that all of the spies going there, which are obviously not that many as it is still an uncharted island, they wouldn't all have hit at the exact same spot around the island. They only swam out and up, and didn't see enough of the ocean floor to see any othr ships. It's a huge island, and many places where small spy ships could have stoped. Second of all, the ships could have been from a while back. They could be behind rocks, under sea-weed, even small enough ships could have been washed away with the current to places farther off.

Corrected entry: Romero looks at the mountain to see slizzards chasing Juni & Carmen. Yet the scale of the slizzards doesn't match the real-world creatures that jump on the magnet. The mountain creatures should correspond to the larger-sized creatures (one of which Gary befriends later). (01:03:39)

Correction: Near the end, when Romero and the animals come to the beach, you can see several little ones on his arms and sleeves; this could easily mean that they are offspring and the slizzards that jumped on the magnet are babies.

Corrected entry: When Carmen and Juni are swimming after their dragonspy has shut down, their eyes are wide open like they normally would be, but when they come out to put on their suits, they are rubbing them.

Correction: This is not a mistake. The camera is not always on the spykids. Of course when you come out of water you will be rubbing your eyes even if you were't rubbing them when you entered the water

Corrected entry: When Gary and Gerti pop out of the ocean in their air suit, there is still camel poop on their faces. Shouldn't the water have washed it all off?

Correction: It's possible that it would stick. If you have sand on you at the beach and you go to wash it off, some sticks on. Besides, the camel poop on them wasn't solid.

Corrected entry: During the rock video at the end, if, as Machette claims, he never put batteries in his device to control Carmen's singing and dancing, then how could we see the electronic numbers, and the word "Spanish" with full projection special effects?

Correction: Perhaps a watch battery powers the display, but larger batteries were to power the transmitter.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Carmen and Juni first get to the island, they are talking about how their gadgets don't work. If you look behind them you can see electrical cords.

Correction: Those aren't electrical cords, they are sticks or reeds jutting out from the ledge. They are lighter color than the rest, which might seem like a glare on black rubber.

Corrected entry: When Carmen and Juni are getting ready to leave to go to their big assignment, they are both wearing orange tops. During the film, Carmen's top changes to a white/cream colour.

Correction: Actually, she has a white/cream color shirt on under her orange one. You can tell because the sleeves stick out of it. She takes the orange one off when they enter the room where they can hear each others thoughts. It is to the right of the screen.

Revealing mistake: At the scene where all the spy kids are fighting the waiters, watch Gary as he is fighting. The waiter he is fighting throws him back, but then Gary activates his rockets shoes. Yet to activate those shoes you have to tap them together. The rocket shoes activate a few seconds before Gary tapped his heels together.

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Carmen: We're kids, not monsters.
Dr. Romero: What's the difference?

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Trivia: When we see the president's daughter in her room while receiving some video mail from Juni, look beside her. She has a doll that looks like Juni. (01:02:05)

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Question: When Carmen takes off her shoe, are we able to tell the colour of her socks? Or at any point in this movie?


Answer: Her sock colour is most likely black during that scene as it was when they were in the treehouse.

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