Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
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Gary Giggles: Remember, an agent is only as good as his gadgets.

Juni: I do not understand you.
Carmen: And you never will.

Gertie Giggles: You're fighting a girl. You're gonna loose.

Carmen: Soon you will know when that time will come.
Gertie Giggles: I think that time has come.

Donnagon Giggles: Well, Cortezes, any last words?
Ingrid: None that I can say in front of my children.
Grandmother: Not to mention your mother.

Dr. Romero: Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?

Ingrid: Do what I taught you last night... Suplex.

Alexander Minion: Be a good girl and swat your brother for me.

Carmen: We're kids, not monsters.
Dr. Romero: What's the difference?

Juni: I wonna pull him up here, so I can push him back over myself.

Dr. Romero: Do you think God lives in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what He created?

Juni: Skeletons! Dead skeletons.
Carmen: Are there any other kind?

Revealing mistake: At the scene where all the spy kids are fighting the waiters, watch Gary as he is fighting. The waiter he is fighting throws him back, but then Gary activates his rockets shoes. Yet to activate those shoes you have to tap them together. The rocket shoes activate a few seconds before Gary tapped his heels together.

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Trivia: Robert Rodriguez, the director, was building his house at the time of filming, so a lot of the architecture you see in the Cortez's home is in his house.

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Question: When Carmen takes off her shoe, are we able to tell the colour of her socks? Or at any point in this movie?


Answer: Her sock colour is most likely black during that scene as it was when they were in the treehouse.

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