Bedknobs And Broomsticks
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Paul Rawlins: What's that got to do with my knob?

Paul Rawlins: What is it? A toy shop?
Carrie Rawlins: No, it's a nursery. Ain't you ever seen a nursery?
Charlie Rawlins: No and neither 'ave you.

Bear: People? People? Oh, no! What scurvy luck.

Eglentine Price: I don't believe in giving animals ridiculous names. I call him Cosmic Creepers, because that's the name he came with.

Charlie Rawlins: No fried foods?
Eglentine Price: No.
Charlie Rawlins: How d'you keep your health?

Mr. Browne: Now, I shall place the framed glass in this brown, unprepared - unprepared, mark you, ladies and gentlemen - unprepared brown paper bag.

Mr. Browne: Women always lose things.

Mr. Browne: Bookman! Before your very eyes, I shall cause this bed, and all the occupants upon it, to disappear.
Bookman: Disappear? I should like to see a cheap-jack tenth-rate entertainer do a trick like that.
Mr. Browne: Cheap-jack entertainer. Now that was naughty.

Lion: Move it around, move it around.

Mr. Browne: Observe the fundamental weakness of the criminal mind. You will believe no one or anything.

Charlie Rawlins: Ref, are you blind?
Miss Price: Be quiet, Charles. Don't forget who the referee is.

Paul Rawlins: I liked you better as a rabbit, Charlie.

Eglentine Price: Oh, bother! I do hate shoddy work.

Mr. Browne: This good lady is looking for the other half of this book.
Eglentine Price: It's called The Spells of Astoroth.
Portobello Road Book Merchant: I don't keep no torn or damaged books here. What do you think I am, a ruddy waste paper merchant?

Plot hole: When Miss Price, Professor Browne and the children return from their magical journey to the island of Naboombu and realize they no longer have the Star of Astroroth pendant, Miss Price says, "I should have known it would be quite impossible to take an object from one world into another." Yet, they had no problem taking themselves, the bed, blankets and pillows from one world into another.

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Trivia: When the king kicks the hyena during the soccer game, you can hear a "Goofy Holler".

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Question: How accurate, bar the dancing obviously, is the Portobello Road presented in the film compared to how it could/would have looked in the real August 1940?

Neil Jones

Answer: Don't know what it was like in the forties, but we were there in 2010. Wonderful place to visit. So animated. Not only were their vendors, but there were Street entertainers as well. What I found amusing was before you get to the part of Portobello Road where there were these vendors, you had to go past the stately homes with gated grounds. Expensive cars with pull into the drives. Wouldn't happen here in the United States.

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