The Big Sleep

Other mistake: Marlowe fires several shots at Art Huck and Lash Canino but if you look at the chamber when he takes the gun out from under the dashboard, there are no bullets in it. (01:41:45)


Other mistake: Marlowe calls Bernie Ohls at the District Attorney's Office who says to him, "That would come under the heading of police business". The close captioning is wrong here and just says "that's police business". (01:00:20)


Other mistake: Joe Brody trips Carmen Sternwood as she walks through his door holding a gun on him and the cameraman totally loses focus in the close up of her legs. (00:52:00)


Other mistake: Earlier in the movie at Geiger's house, Marlowe calls Chief Insp. Bernie Ohls of the District Attorney's Office and the six digits of Bernie's phone number are 122-145. At the very end of the movie,, he's with Lauren Bacall at Geiger's house and again calls Bernie Ohls. This time he dials the same phone at the DA's office but leaves off one digit, calling 12-145. (00:59:55 - 01:52:10)


Other mistake: Marlowe tells Lauren Bacall to start screaming in 20 seconds after he leaves the room, she does and Lash Canino is outside and hears her. He runs into the house and if you look closely the prop porch railing almost falls over as he runs by because the crew did not attach it properly. Later we see it again and it's attached properly. (01:41:35)


Continuity mistake: Marlowe sits in front of Joe Brody's apartment building, The Randall Arms. Later as he follows the gunman that shot Brody we see it from inside the car and the registration stickers are different. (00:47:40 - 00:57:20)

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Vivian: You go too far, Marlowe.
Marlowe: Those are harsh words to throw at a man, especially when he's walking out of your bedroom.

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Trivia: All of the main characters in this movie have a specific tic. Marlowe is always pulling on his right ear, Lauren Bacall plays with her ring and Carmen Sternwood picks at her teeth.

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