The Big Sleep

Marlowe (Bogart) deduces that Carmen murdered Regan, and that Vivian was uncooperative with him because she was trying to protect her sister by covering it up. The coverup caused six people to be killed. Marlowe and Vivian reach a compromise; Eddie Mars (accidentally killed by his own gang) will be blamed for the murder. They will also tell this to Carmen and Vivian's father to protect him from the shame. And Carmen will be sent to a mental institution instead of being turned in and facing justice.

JJ Lison

Continuity mistake: After driving Lauren Bacall home from Eddie Mars' place Marlowe walks into his apartment and we see the number 206 on the door. In the next shot from inside we see another door that doesn't have 206 on it. (01:17:05)

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Carmen Sternwood: You're not very tall are you?
Philip Marlowe: Well, I, uh, I try to be.

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Trivia: All of the main characters in this movie have a specific tic. Marlowe is always pulling on his right ear, Lauren Bacall plays with her ring and Carmen Sternwood picks at her teeth.

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