The Big Sleep

Visible crew/equipment: Marlowe, Joe Brody and Agnes sit talking in Joe's apartment, Carol Lundgren rings the buzzer and Joe Brody answers the door. A small explosive charge is packed in an indentation on Joe Brody's door before the spot is blown out by Lundgren's shot. The same indentation can be seen again a few moments later as a small explosive is detonated when Lundgren shoots at Marlowe in the lobby of the building.



Visible crew/equipment: Marlowe and Carmen Sternwood meet up with Eddie Mars at Arthur Gwynn Geiger's house and Mars says to him, "your story didn't sound quite right" but the closed caption is wrong and says "your story sounds wrong".



Visible crew/equipment: The shadow of a boom mike or some other large piece of equipment can be seen moving on the window shade above Marlowe's head as he prepares to leave Arthur Gwynn Geiger's house.



Visible crew/equipment: When Lauren Bacall first meets Marlowe as he walks into the room, there's a picture above the fireplace and you can see equipment and crew member's reflections moving in it.



Visible crew/equipment: If you look closely at Lash Canino's lips before he kills Harry Jones they don't move as he asks him, "Why would he pay?".



Visible crew/equipment: Lauren Bacall and Marlowe go back to Arthur Gwynn Geiger's house at the end of the movie and the camera's shadow falls across the lamp as he walks up to the phone.



Visible crew/equipment: At Geiger's house, Marlowe talks with Eddie Mars and asks Carmen to, "Run along angel". As she walks out of the house the shadow of the camera appears on her back.



Visible crew/equipment: When Lauren Bacall and Marlowe speak at their first meeting she says, "Now look Mr. Marlowe my father's not well" and the camera's shadow can be seen on Marlowe's back.



Visible crew/equipment: As Marlowe kicks on the door of Art Huck's garage you can see the shadow of a crew member moving against the door to the right of the screen.



Visible crew/equipment: In the DA's office Chief Insp. Bernie Ohls says, "You're on the air Marlowe, tell it to him" and you can see the shadow of a boom mike go across Capt. Cronjager's hat (1945 Version on DVD).



Visible crew/equipment: As Marlowe walks up to Eddie Mars' nightclub the bright reflection of a studio light can be seen in the window on the right of the door.



Visible crew/equipment: As he walks up the road across from Geiger's house, Marlowe stands next to his car for a moment and the crew's reflection can be seen moving in the driver's side hub cap of his car.



Visible crew/equipment: When the light hits Dorothy Malone's glasses in the Acme Book Shop the flat reflection reveals they are flat-lensed prop glasses.



Visible crew/equipment: In his apartment after Carmen and Lauren Bacall have gone, Joe Brody says to Marlowe, " I followed him, he turned west on SunsetÂ…" and a boom mike shadow can be seen several times crossing the couch behind Agnes.

00:55:30 - 00:56:20


Visible crew/equipment: Joe Brody says to Marlowe, "Look, you got what you came for and you got it cheap, I don't known anything about a picture, do I Agnes?". If you look closely at Marlowe the camera's shadow appears on his chest.



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Carmen Sternwood: You're not very tall are you?
Philip Marlowe: Well, I, uh, I try to be.



Marlowe fires several shots at Art Huck and Lash Canino but if you look at the chamber when he takes the gun out from under the dashboard, there are no bullets in it.



At the end of the movie Lauren Bacall says to Marlowe "Phil, there's two men out back behind some trees". This is the only time in the movie that she refers to him by his first name.