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Carry on Camping (1969)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Muggins is knocking on the Potters' tent flap, it sounds as though the tent flap is made out of wood. But when Mrs. Potter pulls back the tent flap, it's actually made from plastic.

Correction: Surely this is just a joke in the film, and therefore is intentional and not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sid and Bernie drive over to pick up their 2 girlfriends for the camping holiday, Sid says to Bernie "Not a word to the girls where we are going, it's a surprise." However while the girls are having a breakfast, their mum comments that Sid's after his cake and eating it by taking her on a camping holiday. How did mum know where they were going if the girls didn't even know?


Correction: What Sid and Bernie are trying to keep secret from their girlfriends is that they planned to go a nudist camp, not that the holiday involves camping.

Corrected entry: When Joan hands some smelling salts over to Bernie to give to Anthea in the car, a white lorry can be seen parked outside, but in a close-up of Sid driving, the lorry has disappeared.

Correction: The lorry is obscured by Sid's head.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the film, when the hippy group are setting up in the farmers field next to the campsite, we are lead to believe that Sid & Bernie are waiting in their tent for their 10pm illicit meeting with Fanny & Babs. However, when all the campers are rushing to the gate to see what the commotion is, look carefully to the left of the group and you see Sid break away from the other campers and run into his tent, appearing at the front of the tent as if he's just heard all the noise.

Correction: This man is not Sid - he's just wearing similar clothes. When you see the group arriving at the gate into the farmer's field, this man is one of the first to get there.


Corrected entry: When Matron is in Dr Soaper's tent, telling her true feelings for him, she is wearing a pink and yellow night shirt. When Matron and Dr Soaper are spraying water to get rid of the smoke from the flowerbuds, Matron is wearing a purple night shirt.

Correction: It is possible that she got dressed while the others were doing "their bit". There was enough time for her to go and dress.


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Mr. Short: Miss Dobbin, what's the meaning of this?
Miss Dobbin: I'm sorry sir but the gentlemen kept touching things.
Charlie Muggins: Yes she was showing me how to stick the pole up.

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Trivia: This film was set in the summer time but recorded in November and the field they set the film in was so muddy they had to spray paint the mud green so it looked like grass.

James Warrender

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