Carry on Camping
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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Charles Hawtrey joins Terry Scott and his wife in their tent, Terry Scott gives him his sleeping bag which is blue. When Terry Scott and wife cycle off the next day leaving Charles Hawtrey still sleeping the sleeping bag is green and patterned.

Carry on Camping mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sid and Bernie First visit the shop to sort the camping holiday out, they pull up outside the store and park. The van is between 2 posts. But as they get out of the van, you'll notice it is now parked right next to one of the posts.


Carry on Camping mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While Dr Soaper is doing the exercises with the girls at the camp site, Peter Potter gets out of his tent and starts watching them. When the camera is facing the girls, Barbara is not there. But when they are touching their toes, Barbara is there.

Carry on Camping mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the start of the film, when Sid parks the van outside the shop, a blonde girl walks past. When he gets out of the van, he ogles the same girl as she walks past the van a second time.

Carry on Camping mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mr Potter talks to the farmer about getting some milk, depending on the direction of the camera, the farmer leans on alternate door-posts. (00:30:40)


Carry on Camping mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In several shots when Babs is in the showers, the girl in the shower next to hers can be seen to be wearing a blue swimsuit. (01:15:10)


Revealing mistake: Although the movie 'Carry On Camping' is supposed to have been set in the summer time, it was actually filmed in November 1968, during a spell of very cold weather. You can actually see the cast's breath in the cold air at some points. The field in which the famous "flying bra" sequence was shot was so muddy, that the mud had to be sprayed green to make it look like grass.

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Mr. Short: Miss Dobbin, what's the meaning of this?
Miss Dobbin: I'm sorry sir but the gentlemen kept touching things.
Charlie Muggins: Yes she was showing me how to stick the pole up.

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Trivia: Although Amelia Bayntun plays Joan Sims' mother in the film, she was only 11 years older than Sims.

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