Carry on Camping

Revealing mistake: Although the movie 'Carry On Camping' is supposed to have been set in the summer time, it was actually filmed in November 1968, during a spell of very cold weather. You can actually see the cast's breath in the cold air at some points. The field in which the famous "flying bra" sequence was shot was so muddy, that the mud had to be sprayed green to make it look like grass.

Revealing mistake: When Bernie and Sid are talking to Babs through the wall of the showers, between each shot the cubicle wall appears and disappears in order for us to see Sid bent down talking through the hole.

Revealing mistake: When Sid and Bernie are putting up the girls' tent, Sid holds one of the poles up and Bernie hits it but misses it and hits Sid's hand, but when you watch it in slow motion he hits the ground, not Sid's hand. It is more clear on the DVD. (00:38:40)

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Revealing mistake: In several shots when Babs is in the showers, the girl in the shower next to hers can be seen to be wearing a blue swimsuit. (01:15:10)


Revealing mistake: When we see Sid's tent expand and come out of the ground after Bernie pulled the dinghy cord, you can see there is nobody in the tent.

Revealing mistake: During the keep fit session, Babs' bra is seen falling off in a downwards direction, yet it still manages to hit Dr Soaper in the face.

Revealing mistake: When we see the coach driving down the country lane, you can see that the driver is not Julian Holloway but his stunt double.

Revealing mistake: When Sid and Bernie wake up after sleeping outside their tent following the accident with their dinghy, Bernie pulls a metal pole and Sid is covered with water from the tent flap. At this point, Sid moves his head to ensure he gets the water on him.

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Mr. Short: Miss Dobbin, what's the meaning of this?
Miss Dobbin: I'm sorry sir but the gentlemen kept touching things.
Charlie Muggins: Yes she was showing me how to stick the pole up.

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Trivia: As mentioned in the 'mistakes' section, Barbara Windor's bra was snatched from her with the aid of a fishing line. What is not so widely known, however, is the shot that made it into "Carry On Camping" was, in fact the second take of that shot. On the first take of getting Ms. Windsor's bra to fly though the air, the bra did NOT come off - Barbara Windsor was pulled and landed face down in the mud.

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