Carry on Camping
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Miss Haggerd: Don't rush me. I think you'll find it's worth waiting for.
Dr. Kenneth Soaper: So's Christmas but you won't find me stuffing your turkey.

Mrs. Fussey: Joan may think you're a gentleman but personally I've got sore misgivings.
Sid Boggle: You ought to put some talcum powder on them.

Charlie Muggins: Hello. What's a nice girl like you doing with an old cow?
Girl with cow: I'm taking her to the bull.
Charlie Muggins: Well couldn't your father do that?
Girl with cow: No it must the the bull.

Charlie Muggins: My name's Muggins.
Peter Potter: That doesn't surprise me.

Peter Potter: Hello darling, Oh No.
Harriet Potter: Hello Peter darling, I'm just checking on the camping gear.
Peter Potter: So I see.
Harriet Potter: Did you have a good day?
Peter Potter: Oh not bad, got drunk at lunchtime, went to a strip club and ended up in bed with a popsy.

Anthea Meeks: Oh dear, the ram's loose.
Joan Fussey: That's not the only one.

Babs: How about those two things sticking out in front?
Sid Boggle: Yeah! How about 'em.
Babs: Saucy.

Mr. Short: Miss Dobbin, what's the meaning of this?
Miss Dobbin: I'm sorry sir but the gentlemen kept touching things.
Charlie Muggins: Yes she was showing me how to stick the pole up.

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