Once Upon a Time in America
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Suggested correction: In the scene you're referring to, the person Noodles calls, and the character Danny Aiello plays, was the police chief, not Sgt Halloran. In the film, Danny Aiello is credited as Police Chief Aiello. Also, his wife (played by Karen Shallo) is credited as Mrs. Aiello.


Factual error: The Kate Smith recording of God Bless America was made in 1938. It is playing in the background during the opening scene but the opening scene takes place in 1933: 5 years before the song was recorded.

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Officer 'Fartface' Whitey: Okay, boys, we're even.
Young Noodles: The hell we are.
Young Max: You'll be collecting your pension before we're even.

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Question: why, being there so many sequences of nudity in the film, the woman in the funeral car Max brings for Noodles after he is released from jail has her breasts blurred?, why would this scene be conceived like that?.

Answer: You have a censored version. The American R1 version has no such censoring.

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