Best movie character mistakes of 1984

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Sixteen Candles picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Sam is filling out the confidential questionnaire, the word "confidential" is spelled "confidentail".


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The Terminator picture

Character mistake: When Kyle steals the police officer's gun and asks him what the date is, the officer replies "12th, May, Thursday". The film is set in 1984. May 12th, 1984 was a Saturday.

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Character mistake: When Ray and Winston are driving across the Brooklyn Bridge around midnight in the Ectomobile, Ray quotes a verse of scripture claiming to be "Revelation 7:12". What he quotes is actually Revelation 6:12. (01:03:38)

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The Natural picture

Character mistake: When Hobbs was at bat for the game winning HR, the base runners were focused solely on Hobbs instead of the pitcher, who could have thrown out either. This was the Majors, not Little League.

Tony Fox

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter picture

Character mistake: When Trish's car stops running, Tommy states that its the solenoid that is the issue. A starter solenoid is responsible for sending voltage to the starter when the ignition is engaged. 1st problem: The car would not stumble and stall because of a faulty solenoid. 2nd problem: The starter was already engaging while Trish was hitting the key. So bridging the solenoid was pointless. The only reason to bridge a solenoid is to create a connection from 12 volt to the starter when the internal system is compromised due to wear. But that wasn't the case because when she was trying to start it, the starter was turning the engine. Plus the solenoid has nothing to due with the way an engine will perform (running, misfiring, not running).

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Suggested correction: In the scene you're referring to, the person Noodles calls, and the character Danny Aiello plays, was the police chief, not Sgt Halloran. In the film, Danny Aiello is credited as Police Chief Aiello. Also, his wife (played by Karen Shallo) is credited as Mrs. Aiello.


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Teachers picture

Character mistake: In the beginning of the movie everyone shows up on Monday. When Rosenberg is taking attendance he mispronounces the girl's name. She corrects him and he says yesterday and the day before it was something else. That would mean they came to school Sunday and Saturday.


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Silent Night, Deadly Night picture

Character mistake: Andy speaks of Billy changing in the two months after he was hired when he was hired in the spring months ago.


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Beverly Hills Cop picture

Character mistake: When Axel adjusts the mirror after getting bailed out, he says that the cops are following them in a beige Ford. It is beige, but that's not a Ford. It has none of the oval Ford logos on it anywhere.

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