Once Upon a Time in America

Correction: The municipality of Hollywood was incorporated in 1903. Hollywoodland was a housing development created in the 1920s. The Hollywood (land) sign was originally an advertisement for the development.

Corrected entry: Education in U.S. prisons must have been excellent in them days: A day or two after being released, after serving something like ten years, Noodles drives a car with great routine. (01:56:00)

Correction: "Them days," seriously? Driving a car is like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do it, relearning to drive and navigate comes back very quickly. I hadn't ridden a motorcycle in over 20 years before I bought another one. I was riding like a veteran rider within a few days.


Continuity mistake: When Noodles is raping Roberta in the car, her socks are pale brown-grey, then camera angle changes, and they are black, and then they are grey-brown again.

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Officer 'Fartface' Whitey: Okay, boys, we're even.
Young Noodles: The hell we are.
Young Max: You'll be collecting your pension before we're even.

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Question: why, being there so many sequences of nudity in the film, the woman in the funeral car Max brings for Noodles after he is released from jail has her breasts blurred?, why would this scene be conceived like that?.

Answer: You have a censored version. The American R1 version has no such censoring.

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