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Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the remaining Dog Isabelle can be heard barking when the Aliens are near or she detects hostility. However, in the scene where Graham sees the Alien on the Roof the Dog isn't heard - even when Graham and Merril are running round the outside of the house making noise and shouting.

Correction: Since it is never made known where the dog is during this scene, this can't be considered a plot hole.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When the rest of the world finally starts seeing the lights in the sky, there is not any mention for the remainder of the movie of any military presence or actions being taken against the aliens. Given how simple the aliens are to defeat with water and physical violence this doesn't make sense, especially given the technology and weapons we have at our disposal.


Correction: The reason you don't see the military attack the aliens is because they do not yet know that the aliens are hostile. It is only after the aliens land and invade the Hess' home that it is known, by which point the movie is not showing the aliens in any other part of the world.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When Merrill takes the bat from the wall Graham is standing not far from him. When the camera angle changes Graham has disappeared from the set.



Correction: Graham is not standing far from him, but he's also not standing directly beside him. Graham had just rolled the television into the room, so he stands in front of that, near the edge of the doorway into the living room. The television (and therefore Graham) is simply out of the reverse angle.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Graham and Merrill board up the bedroom door there are some shots through the (closed) door. There is light on their faces coming from the left, where is only a wall and no light, as in all shots from behind.



Correction: It is untrue that there is only a wall in that direction. There is a curio cabinet there. The light could be reflecting off the large pane of glass onto their faces.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Graham comes back home from Ray's house Merrill and the kids are sitting on the sofa. Morgan's book on aliens is lying on the coffee table on top of another, bigger book, first diagonal, then, when the camera angle changes, straight.



Correction: In between the two shots is a lingering shot of Graham asking what the book says abot the aliens' intentions. Plenty of time for Morgan to have reached for the book, especially given that Graham is asking about it.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Merrill and Graham board up the door after they walk through it, Merrill bangs the nail into the board. If you watch his hammer, he misses the nail about six times.


tom alma

Correction: Happens all the time in real life, that's no movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Before the alien attacks Morgan in the basement, only Merrill and Graham have flashlights. Graham drops his flashlight as he goes to grab Morgan. Bo picks it up and shines it on Graham and Morgan, who are on the other side of the room; he then goes and sits with Merrill, putting both flashlights on the same side of the room. However, when Merrill says they should save the flashlights, one light turns off on either side of the room.

Correction: No. The flashlights are not only on the same side of the room, one is directly above the other. Merril turns off his flashlight first, then Bo, both on the left side of the screen.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The dad walks into a room with glasses of water all over the place (this is after the night when the alien was on the roof) and his daughter is watching a cartoon, called "Dexter's laboratory". In the episode she's watching a scene is missing, in between the part where the father hits the bug off the ladies' hair and the part where the character says "do it up".

Correction: Content is often edited when episodes are rerun in syndication to allow for more commercial breaks.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Graham hears Bo scream, he uses his right hand to open her bedroom door. In the shot from inside the room, his left arm is outstretched as if he had opened the door with that hand.

Correction: We don't actually see his left hand holding the doorknob. Being right-handed, it makes sense for him to use his right hand to open the door. But since the door swings leftward, he would use his left arm to nudge it further open.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the alien is killed in the end, we see his point-of-view as the glass of water tips and spills on his face, and you can blatantly tell that is a prop. Firstly, it doesn't spill as it tips, it only starts to spill after it has completly fallen over, which doesn't happen when a glass tips (try it yourself). And secondly, you can see it continue to pour out water for at least five or six seconds, meaning that more water has spilled than the glass could even carry.

Correction: We cannot see how full the glass is, so cannot say how far it would have to tip before the water poured out. Also, the filming effect showed not necessarily more water than it should, but slower than it should.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When everyone is in the basement, Merrill breaks a light bulb while pulling an ax off a shelf. If you watch frame-by-frame, you will notice it breaks twice.

Correction: The rules of this site are very clear.if it requires slo-mo or freeze-frame it is NOT A MISTAKE.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: It is hinted that the aliens have been visiting Earth since the 1970s for recognisance purposes. In all that time, did they never notice how much it rains on this planet? Were the aliens flying over the deserts most of the time?

Correction: The info about how long aliens have been visiting Earth comes from the book Morgan and Bo are reading. This book is highly questionable as evidence, seeing how all of the information recited from it smacks of sensationalism, and a lot of it is completely false (like wearing tin foil on your head to avoid brain scans). It is therefore not certain that the reports on earlier visitiations are true. And even granting that they MAY have been true, according to an earlier correction it is possible that it is the contamination in tap water that is toxic to aliens, so observation of rain and clouds would not have revealed this danger to them.


Corrected entry: Late in the film you find out that water is to aliens as strong acid is to humans. However, earlier in the film when Mel Gibson goes to investigate the corn fields with the torch, the aliens are running around in the mist filled corn fields. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't mist just water vapor? Seeing how bad a glass of water ate away at the alien's flesh, even the slightest bit of water such as water vapour in the lungs and on the skin should cause serious damage or at least painful irritation, especially with prolonged exposure such as a few minutes. Just imagine a human breathing acid fumes, or walking in a room filled with acid gas.

Correction: It is never stated in the movie that water is what the aliens are "allergic" to. I think perhaps Bo's habit of stating that the water is "contaminated" is a hint. Maybe it's not water, per se, but TAP water that hurts them. There are lots of chemicals in tap water that don't hurt us, but could be toxic to the aliens.

Corrected entry: At one point, the little girl turns up the volume on the television set, where some professor is discussing the crop circles. The television is muted, yet the sound comes on instantly when she presses the button. Furthermore, despite the fact the she has her hand on the volume button for a good few seconds, the sound level on the TV remains the same.

Correction: Not really a mistake as my TV works in exactly the same way. To turn it off mute I need to press the volume button. Also when i hold down my volume button it doesnt always turn the volume up. Sometimes there is a need to repress the button. This happens alot on older tv's or where the remote is not the original.

dgemba dgemba

Corrected entry: Later in the movie we hear from the radio/TV that the aliens have been scared out of other countries as the inhabitants have discovered some "primitive methods" of defense. Of course its very unlikely that those countries wouldn't have mentioned the fact that it was water. Then it would only make sense to forward that information to the REST OF THE WORLD along with any newspieces. Is it that hard to say "oh by the way, you can rid yourself of any pesky aliens by using WATER.".

Correction: It's very common for news shows, especially here in the States, to bait the audience by introducing the most important and/or interesting information, then doing a commercial break: "Coming up next, what you don't know about the deadly chemicals in your own home." This is one such example. It's not extremely important to relay this information because for all intents and purposes the invasion is over - the alien ships have left and only a few wounded stragglers who should be quickly overwhelmed by recovering humans remain. The emergency broadcast about water as a weapon went out while our heroes were in the basement.


Corrected entry: These aliens are capable of interstellar travel, but they cannot figure out how to get out of a bathroom, with a wooden door and a simple lock?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Given their advanced technology they can travel across the stars. Without that, they're stuck with much the same physical equipment that humnas are. It would be easy enough to lock a person in a closet that has a deadbolt, even though humans are smart enough to figure out relativity.


Corrected entry: Ray tells Graham that he passed Graham's wife on the road 10-15 seconds before he hit her. How could he hit her if he already passed her on the road? What, did he do a U-turn in order to hit her?

Correction: Ray actually says that he just fell asleep for 10-15 seconds. During that time when he was asleep he hit Graham's wife.

No, Ray says, "after passing her." How do you run into someone you passed? If he nodded off, how did he even see her?

Corrected entry: When the family is eating the meal where they got to choose their own food they show a shot of Bo. She has a whole plate of spaghetti. After they show Mel Gibson eating, they go back to Bo and she has a half plate of spaghetti.


Correction: Mel Gibson has taken some of Bo's spaghetti.

Corrected entry: Almost every time Morgan takes a puff from his inhaler, he doesn't depress the pump and therefore would not get any medicine.


Correction: With the type of inhaler used, it is possible to activate it by a deep breath alone, thus negating the need to press it every time.

Corrected entry: I still can't get over how stupid the aliens are in this movie. If they are an advanced race that can travel through space, why are they naked and unarmed in their invasion? You'd think some weapons, armor or tools would help.

Correction: Morgan explains to Mel Gibson from his book that the aliens wouldn't bring weapons of their own because of the fear that man would eventually use nuclear weapons and therefore rendering the planet useless for them to use.

Corrected entry: After Merrill kills the alien he comes out into the garden where Graham is trying to revive Morgan. There are huge pieces of broken panes in the upstairs windows which weren't there when Graham came out of the house a minute before.



Correction: No - the windows are consistent through both shots (the first and third broken, with the second being intact).

Corrected entry: When the policewoman talks to Graham before she drives off there is a very clear reflection of a crew member with a white t-shirt in the red light of the police car.



Correction: What looks like a t-shirt is the break in the overhanging tree's leaves. You can make out Mel Gibson's profile, though.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the whole family is in the closet watching the invasion on TV, the TV is shown, and there are no reflections of the family, even though they are sitting and standing right in front of it.



Correction: You are being shown the actual footage, not seeing it from the perspective of being in the room, which would have shown their reflections on the TV.


Corrected entry: In one scene Mel Gibson is in his bedroom with a bathrobe on and bare legs. He hears his children talking and walks into their bedroom, again with bare legs. He walks into their room and sits on the bed to read their book. When he sits on the bed, he still has the bathrobe on but now also has jeans on.

Correction: The reason that no other women noticed this is that Mel Gibson is not wearing jeans. When he sits between his children his bathrobe covers his legs, and the 'sunlight' on the lower part of the bathrobe gives it a slightly bluish, jeansy tinge. But the fabric is terry.


Corrected entry: When Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) goes to meet his family for pizza, he sits down and they all stare at Ray Reddy (Shyamalan, in the red truck). As the camera pulls back out of the doorway, you can see that his slice of pizza is half eaten already, although he couldn't have been eating as he was staring at Reddy as he arrived.

Correction: Graham's slice of pizza stays complete during the scene, only in the last shot the cheese has started to slide off.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Mel Gibson's family is standing in the middle of the crop circle, the camera zooms out and it looks like there are acres and acres of corn neatly planted. However, in other shots during the movie, you can see a bunch of trees growing all through the fields that weren't shown at the the very beginning.

Correction: In the aerial shot of the corn field we see the shadows of a row of trees on the side of the field, which are the trees we later see in the movie.


Corrected entry: When Bo says, "Morgan took a sip and it has his amoebas in it," if you watch the film with subtitles the word is spelled amebas, without the o.

Correction: "Ameba" is an accepted variation of "Amoeba".

Corrected entry: In the shot where Joaquin Phoenix is looking at a large army poster on a wall, the uniform the man is wearing in the poster is actually a navy uniform.

Correction: U.S. Army Recruitment Offices often have posters promoting other branches of the military. I personally have seen Navy and Marine posters in such offices.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the family are watching TV reports of other crop circles appearing around the world, the TV claims it's showing a picture of one in Wakefield, England. It is most unlikely that there would have been any crop circles in Wakefield, as there is very little arable farming near there. Most of the ones that did appear in real life in England were in the South.

Correction: You can see that it wasn't made in a crop, but in a grass field. Crop sign was a general term to describe what was happening since they were appearing mostly in crops.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the family is going down to the basement, Graham Hess goes down the stairs last. If you look behind him at the window at the top of the stairs, you can see the cutouts of the planets, stars, etc., and the window now only has a couple of boards on it.

Correction: The barricades didn't hold. You can see later as they return upstairs, most of the barricades were ripped down by the aliens.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when the alien captures Morgan, he tries to kill him using his poison gas. You see the gas being sucked in Morgan's nostrils. However, later on, Graham says his son will be fine because his lungs were closed. If his lungs were closed, then no air could be sucked in, therefore the gas shouldn't have found its way in Morgan's body, as we see it being sucked in as if he was breathing.

Correction: That's true and not true. The gas wasn't really sucked in, it just dispersed all over his face. And if his lungs were closed, then that means he was struggling to breathe, which is what occurs during asthma attacks. He tried inhaling the air but couldn't. He also seemed to be unconscious at the time, most likely in asthmatic shock, and probably having fainted from being attacked by the alien.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, after Bo was attacked by the dog, the dog is lying on the ground, dead and bleeding from the knife wound. But the boy, who we are led to believe stabbed the dog and is right next to it, has on a white shirt with not a speck of blood or dirt on him. Surely some blood would have sprayed?

Correction: Why would the blood spray? Unless he hit an artery or major vessel, then there is no reason as to why the blood would spray. It was a stab wound, not a hack wound.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Mel Gibson gives his son a shot of epi, it is done incorrectly. It has to be done on the skin only, not through jeans.

Correction: Using an epi-pen or a shot of epinephrine, you can go right through jeans, it states to in the directions, because the seconds that it could take to drop your shorts, could mean life or death. Now, if you can, most doctors recomend direct skin contact, but it is designed to go right through your pants.

Corrected entry: When Morgan puts in the tape to record the news cast, he doesn't press record, or muck about doing anything you'd normally have to do when recording something.

Correction: Morgan does press a button just under the flap to record the bulletin

Corrected entry: When Graham and his family leave the basement, they find the aliens have carved holes in the wooden doors etc. If they could do this why didn't they cut through the wooden door to the basement?

Correction: If you look carefully you can see the holes in the door when Graham is walking down the stairs before they lock themselves in the basement. The holes were there before the aliens attack. Also in a deleted scene on the DVD just before they enter the basement you can sorta see the holes better. But they were there before the attack.

Corrected entry: When Graham wakes up from the couch, he follows the cord into the closet to find his brother watching TV in the closet. However, you can see there is only one cable running from the living room to the closet: the power cable. To watch TV, you have to have two cables; the power cable for the TV and a coax cable from the wall jack which comes from the antenna or satellite dish or whatever. And I seriously doubt that they would conveniently have a coax jack in the coat closet.

Correction: Their TV has an aerial, which has a short wire running from itself to the back of the TV.

Corrected entry: When Graham first sees the crop circles, he tells Morgan and Bo that they were too perfect to have been made by humans, but the rest of the movie he tells everyone it's just geeks with no lives doing it.

Correction: These are two young children who may get scared if Graham says "they are too perfect to be made by humans" the whole movie. Don't you think that he would want to protect them from the possible (and scary to most) truth of the crop circles being made by aliens?


Corrected entry: When Graham and his brother are nailing the doors shut against the aliens, they go into a room and pull the door shut behind them and then begin to nail boards over the door sill. This will not keep the aliens from opening the door and pushing the boards away from the sill. Not much protection here.

Correction: The doorway however would still be blocked. Having the doorway blocked is still better than not having it blocked.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Graham, Merril, Bo and Morgan are eating the 'everything' dinner, in one shot, Bo's plate has half sauce and meatballs and the other half of the plate is noodles. A couple of shots later, her plate is again seen, but most of the noodles have been pushed back. She was to upset to be eating, so she wouldn't have moved them.

Correction: She wasn't eating it. She was probably just pushing it around on her plate.

Corrected entry: It is revealed that the alien ships have some sort of cloaking device that prevents them from being seen to the naked eye. If they were that worried about being seen why not turn it on before they arrived over all the world's major cities, rather than letting the world film them, surely this would give them the element of surprise in the attack on Earth?

Correction: The aliens were not worried about the element of surprise - the whole movie centers around the crop circles that were made by the aliens, in plain view of the humans. By displaying their advanced technology to humans, they were able to show the humans how superior they were to them, and therefore instill fear into mankind. Therefore, the spaceships were seen over the major cities of the world, where the most humans would be sure to see them, and also film them, that other humans might be afraid.

Corrected entry: In the TV news footage where the alien is first seen (children's birthday party), the setting is supposedly South America. However, the children at the party are speaking continental Portugese (from Portugal), not Brazilian Portugese.

Correction: No-one can give a definite answer to this - I'm getting some people saying it's continental, and some saying it's Brazilian, from both places arguing both cases, so you're just going to have to make up your own minds.

Corrected entry: Graham Hess was a Catholic Priest before his wife was killed. Catholic Priests are not allowed to get married.

Correction: Common misconception - he was Episcopalian.

Corrected entry: Early on, we find out that the reverend's wife was killed by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. But the guy who killed her was still around throughout the movie. Don't you think that at least he would have his licence suspended or something? It seems a little strange to me that there were no repercussions for killing her at all.

Correction: Falling asleep at the wheel is not necessarily a crime. A lot of wise judges would look at the entire circumstances surrounding the event and base his decision based on the suspect's history and prior record. This was clearly just an unfortunate accident.

Corrected entry: The bat that Merrill uses to beat down the alien was his 507 foot homerun bat, but the bat appears in too good of condition to have ever been used in a single game, never mind smack a ball 507 feet.

Correction: The bat Merrill had used may have in fact been new... it is not uncommon for ball players to purchase a new bat, use up the 'juice,' and then find a new one. Merrill most likely purchased a new bat, cranked the homer, and framed it right away (or had the bat cleaned or restored to preserve a mint condition).

Corrected entry: The aliens are obviously very intelligent creatures - after all, they mastered space travel, and presumably travel at or near light speed, in order to get to Earth. Considering that exposure to water is deadly, why would such intelligent creatures choose a planet which is three-quarters covered by water?

Correction: The aliens have arrived to harvest humans, rather than take over the planet. We don't know why they want them and they probably do not plan to stay. Humans routinely travel into places hazardous to themselves to gather valuable resources (space, oceans, poisonous mines).

New today Correction: We are talking about a species that is not an inhabitant of Earth. The aliens are from a completely different world, in which its atmosphere and resources are likely going to be vastly different from that of Earth. The reason as to why they came to a planet that is 70% deadly to them is simple - the aliens are unaware of what water is or the dangers it can bring to them. The aliens' planet is never seen, so it is not too far of a stretch to assume that water is not a substance belonging to their planet, nor is it a substance that is in their knowledge.

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When the deputy sheriff comes out of the house, her ink pen is sticking through the hole in her pocket flap but not in the pocket itself. After she turns around at the car, her ink pen is inside her pocket and not "flapping" loose as it was just a split second before.



When the alien's hand comes out of the coal grate for Morgan, if you look closely you will see that the hand was already through the grate and the alien was using its colour changing abilities to hide. So if you look very closely you will that that the hand comes UP from the grate and not through it, and if you look VERY carefully you can see the outline of the hand even before Morgen says "What?"