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Corrected entry: Early on, we find out that the reverend's wife was killed by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. But the guy who killed her was still around throughout the movie. Don't you think that at least he would have his licence suspended or something? It seems a little strange to me that there were no repercussions for killing her at all.

Correction: Falling asleep at the wheel is not necessarily a crime. A lot of wise judges would look at the entire circumstances surrounding the event and base his decision based on the suspect's history and prior record. This was clearly just an unfortunate accident.

Corrected entry: The bat that Merrill uses to beat down the alien was his 507 foot homerun bat, but the bat appears in too good of condition to have ever been used in a single game, never mind smack a ball 507 feet.

Correction: The bat Merrill had used may have in fact been new... it is not uncommon for ball players to purchase a new bat, use up the 'juice,' and then find a new one. Merrill most likely purchased a new bat, cranked the homer, and framed it right away (or had the bat cleaned or restored to preserve a mint condition).

Corrected entry: The aliens are obviously very intelligent creatures - after all, they mastered space travel, and presumably travel at or near light speed, in order to get to Earth. Considering that exposure to water is deadly, why would such intelligent creatures choose a planet which is three-quarters covered by water?

Correction: The aliens have arrived to harvest humans, rather than take over the planet. We don't know why they want them and they probably do not plan to stay. Humans routinely travel into places hazardous to themselves to gather valuable resources (space, oceans, poisonous mines).

Correction: We are talking about a species that is not an inhabitant of Earth. The aliens are from a completely different world, in which its atmosphere and resources are likely going to be vastly different from that of Earth. The reason as to why they came to a planet that is 70% deadly to them is simple - the aliens are unaware of what water is or the dangers it can bring to them. The aliens' planet is never seen, so it is not too far of a stretch to assume that water is not a substance belonging to their planet, nor is it a substance that is in their knowledge.

Casual Person

The only thing we humans really know about Life (aside from how to kill it) is that Life is dependent on water. We can't even imagine a form of Life that is not water-based. Water is an abundant compound in this universe, both a fuel and a vehicle for Life.

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: It is revealed that the alien ships have some sort of cloaking device that prevents them from being seen to the naked eye. If they were that worried about being seen why not turn it on before they arrived over all the world's major cities, rather than letting the world film them, surely this would give them the element of surprise in the attack on Earth?

Correction: The aliens were not worried about the element of surprise - the whole movie centers around the crop circles that were made by the aliens, in plain view of the humans. By displaying their advanced technology to humans, they were able to show the humans how superior they were to them, and therefore instill fear into mankind. Therefore, the spaceships were seen over the major cities of the world, where the most humans would be sure to see them, and also film them, that other humans might be afraid.

Corrected entry: In the TV news footage where the alien is first seen (children's birthday party), the setting is supposedly South America. However, the children at the party are speaking continental Portugese (from Portugal), not Brazilian Portugese.

Correction: No-one can give a definite answer to this - I'm getting some people saying it's continental, and some saying it's Brazilian, from both places arguing both cases, so you're just going to have to make up your own minds.

Continuity mistake: When Graham goes into Ray's kitchen you see the vegetables scattered and the knife further on the other side of them. When Graham leans up for the knife, however, it is on the other side of the now grouped vegetables. (00:56:40 - 00:58:10)

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Bo: There's a monster outside my room, can I have a glass of water?

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Trivia: When the alien's hand comes out of the coal grate for Morgan, if you look closely you will see that the hand was already through the grate and the alien was using its colour changing abilities to hide. So if you look very closely you will that that the hand comes UP from the grate and not through it, and if you look VERY carefully you can see the outline of the hand even before Morgen says "What?"

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