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Corrected entry: I still can't get over how stupid the aliens are in this movie. If they are an advanced race that can travel through space, why are they naked and unarmed in their invasion? You'd think some weapons, armor or tools would help.

Correction: Morgan explains to Mel Gibson from his book that the aliens wouldn't bring weapons of their own because of the fear that man would eventually use nuclear weapons and therefore rendering the planet useless for them to use.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the whole family is in the closet watching the invasion on TV, the TV is shown, and there are no reflections of the family, even though they are sitting and standing right in front of it. (01:07:45)


Correction: You are being shown the actual footage, not seeing it from the perspective of being in the room, which would have shown their reflections on the TV.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the family is going down to the basement, Graham Hess goes down the stairs last. If you look behind him at the window at the top of the stairs, you can see the cutouts of the planets, stars, etc., and the window now only has a couple of boards on it.

Correction: The barricades didn't hold. You can see later as they return upstairs, most of the barricades were ripped down by the aliens.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when the alien captures Morgan, he tries to kill him using his poison gas. You see the gas being sucked in Morgan's nostrils. However, later on, Graham says his son will be fine because his lungs were closed. If his lungs were closed, then no air could be sucked in, therefore the gas shouldn't have found its way in Morgan's body, as we see it being sucked in as if he was breathing.

Correction: That's true and not true. The gas wasn't really sucked in, it just dispersed all over his face. And if his lungs were closed, then that means he was struggling to breathe, which is what occurs during asthma attacks. He tried inhaling the air but couldn't. He also seemed to be unconscious at the time, most likely in asthmatic shock, and probably having fainted from being attacked by the alien.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, after Bo was attacked by the dog, the dog is lying on the ground, dead and bleeding from the knife wound. But the boy, who we are led to believe stabbed the dog and is right next to it, has on a white shirt with not a speck of blood or dirt on him. Surely some blood would have sprayed?

Correction: Why would the blood spray? Unless he hit an artery or major vessel, then there is no reason as to why the blood would spray. It was a stab wound, not a hack wound.


Corrected entry: Before the alien attacks Morgan in the basement, only Merrill and Graham have flashlights. Graham drops his flashlight as he goes to grab Morgan. Bo picks it up and shines it on Graham and Morgan, who are on the other side of the room; he then goes and sits with Merrill, putting both flashlights on the same side of the room. However, when Merrill says they should save the flashlights, one light turns off on either side of the room.

Correction: No. The flashlights are not only on the same side of the room, one is directly above the other. Merril turns off his flashlight first, then Bo, both on the left side of the screen.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: These aliens are capable of interstellar travel, but they cannot figure out how to get out of a bathroom, with a wooden door and a simple lock?


Correction: Given their advanced technology they can travel across the stars. Without that, they're stuck with much the same physical equipment that humnas are. It would be easy enough to lock a person in a closet that has a deadbolt, even though humans are smart enough to figure out relativity.


Corrected entry: When the family is eating the meal where they got to choose their own food they show a shot of Bo. She has a whole plate of spaghetti. After they show Mel Gibson eating, they go back to Bo and she has a half plate of spaghetti. (01:09:05)

Correction: Mel Gibson has taken some of Bo's spaghetti.

Corrected entry: After Merrill kills the alien he comes out into the garden where Graham is trying to revive Morgan. There are huge pieces of broken panes in the upstairs windows which weren't there when Graham came out of the house a minute before. (01:34:20)


Correction: No - the windows are consistent through both shots (the first and third broken, with the second being intact).

Corrected entry: When the policewoman talks to Graham before she drives off there is a very clear reflection of a crew member with a white t-shirt in the red light of the police car. (00:21:15)


Correction: What looks like a t-shirt is the break in the overhanging tree's leaves. You can make out Mel Gibson's profile, though.

Corrected entry: In one scene Mel Gibson is in his bedroom with a bathrobe on and bare legs. He hears his children talking and walks into their bedroom, again with bare legs. He walks into their room and sits on the bed to read their book. When he sits on the bed, he still has the bathrobe on but now also has jeans on.

Correction: The reason that no other women noticed this is that Mel Gibson is not wearing jeans. When he sits between his children his bathrobe covers his legs, and the 'sunlight' on the lower part of the bathrobe gives it a slightly bluish, jeansy tinge. But the fabric is terry.


Corrected entry: When Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) goes to meet his family for pizza, he sits down and they all stare at Ray Reddy (Shyamalan, in the red truck). As the camera pulls back out of the doorway, you can see that his slice of pizza is half eaten already, although he couldn't have been eating as he was staring at Reddy as he arrived.

Correction: Graham's slice of pizza stays complete during the scene, only in the last shot the cheese has started to slide off.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Mel Gibson's family is standing in the middle of the crop circle, the camera zooms out and it looks like there are acres and acres of corn neatly planted. However, in other shots during the movie, you can see a bunch of trees growing all through the fields that weren't shown at the the very beginning.

Correction: In the aerial shot of the corn field we see the shadows of a row of trees on the side of the field, which are the trees we later see in the movie.


Corrected entry: When Bo says, "Morgan took a sip and it has his amoebas in it," if you watch the film with subtitles the word is spelled amebas, without the o.

Correction: "Ameba" is an accepted variation of "Amoeba".

Corrected entry: In the shot where Joaquin Phoenix is looking at a large army poster on a wall, the uniform the man is wearing in the poster is actually a navy uniform.

Correction: U.S. Army Recruitment Offices often have posters promoting other branches of the military. I personally have seen Navy and Marine posters in such offices.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Mel Gibson gives his son a shot of epi, it is done incorrectly. It has to be done on the skin only, not through jeans.

Correction: Using an epi-pen or a shot of epinephrine, you can go right through jeans, it states to in the directions, because the seconds that it could take to drop your shorts, could mean life or death. Now, if you can, most doctors recomend direct skin contact, but it is designed to go right through your pants.

Corrected entry: When Graham and his family leave the basement, they find the aliens have carved holes in the wooden doors etc. If they could do this why didn't they cut through the wooden door to the basement?

Correction: If you look carefully you can see the holes in the door when Graham is walking down the stairs before they lock themselves in the basement. The holes were there before the aliens attack. Also in a deleted scene on the DVD just before they enter the basement you can sorta see the holes better. But they were there before the attack.

Corrected entry: When Graham wakes up from the couch, he follows the cord into the closet to find his brother watching TV in the closet. However, you can see there is only one cable running from the living room to the closet: the power cable. To watch TV, you have to have two cables; the power cable for the TV and a coax cable from the wall jack which comes from the antenna or satellite dish or whatever. And I seriously doubt that they would conveniently have a coax jack in the coat closet.

Correction: Their TV has an aerial, which has a short wire running from itself to the back of the TV.

Corrected entry: In the TV news footage where the alien is first seen (children's birthday party), the setting is supposedly South America. However, the children at the party are speaking continental Portugese (from Portugal), not Brazilian Portugese.

Correction: No-one can give a definite answer to this - I'm getting some people saying it's continental, and some saying it's Brazilian, from both places arguing both cases, so you're just going to have to make up your own minds.

Corrected entry: Graham Hess was a Catholic Priest before his wife was killed. Catholic Priests are not allowed to get married.

Correction: Common misconception - he was Episcopalian.

Continuity mistake: When Merrill delivers the final blow to the alien, you see it fall into a table and knock over a single glass of water from the alien's perspective. In the next shot, the top of the table is shown with three tipped glasses. (01:37:40)

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Graham Hess: Everybody in this family needs to just calm down and eat some fruit or something.

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Trivia: Some of the artwork done by Bo in the film was actually done by Shyamalan's daughter, Salek.

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Question: First, let me say that the aliens being affected by only the "contaminants" in the tap water seems to be wrong. Two reason: 1)The Indian vet mentions that they don't like water, and 2) the aliens were avoiding areas with large bodies of water nearby. My question is this: wouldn't humans, who are over half water, be toxic to the aliens? Even if they processed the humans with different equipment and took precautions to avoid blood or body fluids, wouldn't carrying off a sweaty person burn the aliens? Seems like a dangerous harvest.

Answer: It could be that they are affected by the chlorine in the tap water (humans are affected by chlorine to, just look at Mustard Gas) to a greater extent then humans. The vet is only speculating about the landing sites. And while it is true that humans are mostly water, it is saline (i.e. salty like sweat) and has different chemical properties to pure H2O.

Soylent Purple

Well water does not contain chlorine.

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