Graham Hess and his young son and daughter, Morgan and Bo, struggle to recover from the tragic death of Graham’s wife. A neighbor struck and killed her with his car when he fell asleep at the wheel. Graham’s younger brother, Merrill, has been staying with the family. Devastated and bitter, Graham, a reverend, believes God betrayed him, and he has abandoned his ministry.

Mysterious crop circles appear on the Hess' farm and soon the world over. Alien scouts are spotted, and before long, ships arrive from outer space. With TV and radio their only link to the outside world, the isolated Hess family watch in horror as the alien threat turns into a deadly close encounter. The hostile beings are galactic raiders who harvest planetary life forms. With invasion imminent, the family barricade themselves inside the house. As the aliens are breaking in, they retreat to the cellar.

Continuity mistake: When Graham goes into Ray's kitchen you see the vegetables scattered and the knife further on the other side of them. When Graham leans up for the knife, however, it is on the other side of the now grouped vegetables. (00:56:40 - 00:58:10)

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Bo: There's a monster outside my room, can I have a glass of water?

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Trivia: When the alien's hand comes out of the coal grate for Morgan, if you look closely you will see that the hand was already through the grate and the alien was using its colour changing abilities to hide. So if you look very closely you will that that the hand comes UP from the grate and not through it, and if you look VERY carefully you can see the outline of the hand even before Morgen says "What?"

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