Bull Durham

Continuity mistake: In a bus scene Crash is shown holding a guitar talking about being in the majors. In one scene he's just holding the guitar, the next he has a pair of sunglasses in his hand while holding the guitar. The next scene the sunglasses are gone. A couple of shots later the guitar is sitting in the seat next to him. When Laloosh challenges Crash to a fight, he's holding the guitar again.

Continuity mistake: When "Nuke" Laloosh throws the ball through the window of the bar's back door, the door is closed. After Crash Davis punches Laloosh the back door is now wide open.

Continuity mistake: When Crash is arguing with the umpire about the missed call at the plate, he turns to grab his face-mask and says it's a "C--sucking call". He then turns his back to the camera and puts on the catcher's hard hat backwards. In the next shot, as the umpire is charging him and Crash turns to respond, the hard hat is under his arm.

Continuity mistake: At the bar after his first win, Nuke challenges Crash to a fight outside and a crowd gathers. A blonde girl is seen walking out and standing with the crowd. The shot reverses, and Crash walks out of the bar. Behind Crash, the blonde girl is seen walking out of the bar. The shot reverses again, and she is back standing beside Nuke.

Rex Stanfield

Continuity mistake: When Laloosh is tied to the bed, while being read to, his hands change from just hanging to holding on to the bed posts on the headboard as the camera angle changes.


Continuity mistake: When Crash tells the manager to scare the young players for incentive, he walks into the shower with an armload of bats and throws them down. When he gets to the part of his speech, it's a simple game, you catch the ball...., his hat disappears and he leaves.

Continuity mistake: In the game against the Generals, Crash and Nuke have a conversation on the mound about Nuke wanting to throw a fastball, while Crash wants him to throw a curve. Following the meeting, the camera is on Nuke, but in the background Crash is putting his mask on over his helmet. The next shot is focused on Crash, who has yet to put his mask on.

Paul S

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