Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Corrected entry: When Susie hears a noise, Jim investigates wearing jeans and no shirt. When he returns, he is wearing a top. And then in the next shot, he is shown getting into bed wearing only underwear.


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Correction: Just because they don't show him putting a shirt on doesn't mean he didn't. Also maybe the director didn't want to film him taking off his pants before getting back in bed.


Corrected entry: When Rennie and Sean make it out onto the streets, in one shot the camera pans around Jason. As it does, if you look across the street you can see a massive crowd of people watching the filming.


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Correction: How do you see this? All I see is a New York City street that is always crowded. There are numerous large crowds everywhere they go. how do you know tis perticular crowd is watching the filming? Doesn't look like it to me.


Corrected entry: The wall that Sean emerges from after Rennie was injected with drugs is obviously a set, because you can see the wooden props holding the wall up behind him through the doorway.


Correction: Those are poles supporting the walls. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Corrected entry: After Rennie is thrown overboard, she goes to the bathroom to wash up. As she is washing her hands, a vision of Jason comes out of the mirror. If you look closely, the water in the sink has turned itself off.


Correction: No, you can even see and hear the water pouring.

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Corrected entry: Jason boards Jim's boat, and when Jason grabs the handrail Jason's pinkie finger and thumb are sticking out of the glove. Jason, even though a rotting corpse, he still has these two fingers nice and healthy looking.


Correction: Jason has got unique powers of regenerating himself. That's how he keep coming back to life all the time.

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Corrected entry: It's obvious Jason means to kill everyone on the ship, except for the few who get off and make it to New York, but when did an entire high school graduation class consist of no more than 15 people?

Correction: I've known people who graduated first in a class of 10. That happens when you come from a small town like Crystal Lake. The town has very few residents as you can see by watching the movies.

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Rennie: There is a maniac trying to kill us.
Waitress: Welcome to New York.



When Wayne is taping J.J., between shots his left hand moves from down by his side, to on the focus of his camera.



Jensen Daggett was genuinely terrified when actor Kane Hodder pulled her towards him, through the porthole. This is because a huge shard of glass was right by her throat and Kane was unknowingly pulling her toward it. You can see the frightened look on her face.