The Sweetest Thing

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Christina decides not to be afraid anymore and runs after Peter, she comes out of the house and first shouts while facing in the wrong direction. She knew that he went the other way, because she saw him leave. (Shot at different times, confirmed on DVD commentary.) (01:19:25)

Continuity mistake: When Christina, Courtney and Jane are singing a song with everybody in the restaurant, a guy with glasses says a line of the song while bending over, then straightens up toward Courtney. In the next shot, he is still bent over, and again he straightens up toward Courtney.

Continuity mistake: When Jane is crying on the couch in the beginning when her friends walk in, the book she is reading about love has no words in it. Only blank pages. (00:05:45)

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Christina and Courtney first go into the men's public bathroom, the door of the cubicle is open, yet when Christina goes over to it, the door is closed and she opens it. (00:39:45)

Continuity mistake: When the water is spraying Courtney in the gas station bathroom, you can see her bra is black. You can also see that Christina is wearing nude-colored underwear, yet when they are getting in the car and removing their wet clothes, Courtney's bra is now pink and Christina's underwear is white.

Continuity mistake: In the wedding scene as the bride and groom are about to take their vows the bride begins to scratch at her neck, she then attempts to blow a bit of hair, that has come loose, out of her eyes. The camera then moves to the vicar and when it moves back to her seconds later her hair is tucked neatly behind her ear.

Continuity mistake: At the wedding, the flower girl scatters rose petals in the center of the aisle. When the bride walks down, they are in little piles on the sides of the aisle.

Audio problem: When Jane and the purple elephant were "getting intimate" in one of the changing rooms at her work, she was talking to him but her mouth wasn't moving. (00:44:10)


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Assistant: Well Mr. Mooney is downstairs and he is P-I-S-E-D.
Jane: Pised?

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Question: What are Jane and Christina talking about when they are waiting for Courtney to get off the trolley before they eat at the Chinese restaurant? Can anyone read their lips?

Answer: She is talking about her dream that she had. When her hands are at her mouth she is referring to the ice cream that she was eating while he was performing "sexual acts" on her.

Meredith Muckler

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