The Sweetest Thing

Corrected entry: It is mentioned in the movie that Christina lives in Apartment 3, but when Peter is flipping through Vera's mailing list book, only her street address is written - the apartment number was not included.

Correction: She could have intentionally left off the apartment number when filling out the mailing list form. This could also explain why Peter was waiting outside the building at the end of the movie instead of going inside.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Christina is going in the club near the end she has no red nail varnish on but when she gets out of the taxi in a later scene she has red nail varnish on again.

Correction: Throughout the film the girls are constantly changing their makeup. It's easily believable that Christina adds nail polish during the night out because we see them do similar things regularly.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Somerset driving range, the label on Peter's beer bottle appears and disappears when he and his brother are making toasts. (00:32:15)

Correction: If you take an closer look at those bottles the labels don't "disappear" as such. They're mearely on the other side of the bottle. The shadowy image it creates makes it look like they have been removed.

Correction: If you watch very closely, Cameron says "Hola Chica" and Christina says "Mamacita."

Corrected entry: In the golf scene Peter and his brother are talking to their grandpa, but at the wedding scene, the grandpa is on the Bride's side of the church, talking about grandma with the mother and father of the Bride.

Correction: Peter is familiar enough with his wife's family that he is comfortable taking her grandfather out with him. Roger refers to the old man as "gramps" because of his age.


Corrected entry: When Christina Applegate is talking to the dark haired guy at the bar she is drinking a margerita and she has 3 olives on a cocktail stick too, which she consumes quite quickly. When the the camera returns to her moments later she is still chewing the second olive and the third is still on the cocktail stick.

Correction: When she leaves her friends to talk to Leather Coat Guy, she has two olives. She puts one in her mouth and starts chewing, but never swallows it until the camera comes back to her in a few minutes.


Corrected entry: About an hour through the film, when Cameron Diaz gets out of the car and screams, when she opens the door, you can see the crew in the opened doors reflection, as well as a bright stage light.

Correction: What appears to be a crew member is actually the reflection of a wooden telephone pole that is distorted by the curve of the window; in different frames it is identifiable. The "light" is shining on the shadowed side of the car and could be any reflective object.


Corrected entry: During the "BJ" scene, lots of people and police come into the apartment. If you look around the bed, there is no phone. The girl can't call for help and I doubt that the guy would, so how did all of those people get there?

Correction: Earlier on in the film, the guy on the bed is using a mobile phone, so he could have used it.

Correction: When Cameron gets out of bed, she grabs a tissue on the nightstand and proceeds to dab the toothpaste off as she walks to the door. She falls to the ground when the door hits her and you can see it in her hand. Then as she walks to the couch, we see her back but you can see her hand with the tissue raised to her face, still wiping.

Correction: The blanket was at her feet when she laid down. Its possible that she got cold in the middle of the night and pulled it up.


Corrected entry: When Peter and his brother are outside sitting at a cafe, they see the a car go by and hit one of the models at the dress shop across the street. At the time the model had red hair but inside the store after the owner asked the boys to bring the broken doll in, the model's hair is now black.

Correction: The boys help Vera in with the manequinn that Vera was holding - the one with a red dress and black hair.

Corrected entry: When Courtney, Christina, and Jane are in the club cheering Jane up Christina and Courtney come off the dance floor and fall on top of Jane on the water bed. When she topples over it's clear Jane is not wearing any panties.

Ben's Mom

Correction: Selma Blair mentions on the audio commentary that she was wearing underwear, but it was a lacy black pair and it looks a lot like she isn't and it's... something else down there. The other cast members and the director accuse her of 'not waxing' which she strongly denies.

Audio problem: When Jane and the purple elephant were "getting intimate" in one of the changing rooms at her work, she was talking to him but her mouth wasn't moving. (00:44:10)


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Assistant: Well Mr. Mooney is downstairs and he is P-I-S-E-D.
Jane: Pised?

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Question: After the bathroom scene, when Diaz is putting eye drops in her eye, Applegate says that she had just witnessed a "glory hole", or something sounding like that. What is a glory hole?

Answer: Without needing an "X" rating: A glory hole is most commonly found in men's restrooms, used for sexual purposes. A quick web search might provide more (yet too much) information.


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