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Corrected entry: In the store that Jules and Jess go into in London to get football clothing the sign above the store says soccer instead of football. No UK shop uses "soccer".

Correction: Back in 2002, there were actual shops call Sports Soccer in the UK. They have since changed the name to Sports Direct.


Corrected entry: Jess fakes being sick to go to her football match. Just before Jess runs out of the house to go to her match, she stands in her living room looking at the picture of the religious leader Bubaji. Over to the right is a small stand with a phone and phone book. A striped chair sits next too it. When the father comes back to the house for his wallet, it is on this stand. The wallet should be on the stand when Jess is looking at Bubaji, but it isn't.

Correction: The object he picks up is a phone, not a wallet.

Corrected entry: When all the girls are in the locker room and Jess is talking about who she can and cannot marry, you see a girl tying her shoes and getting dressed behind the fence directly in back of Jess. But immediately after that, the girl is already coming around the fence to Jess' side and says something about how much fun it is to date different boys.

Correction: If you watch closely, it's two different girls. Because when the camera goes back to Jess after the last girl said something about how much it is to date different boys, she walks to the left of the screen and the girl was tying her shoes is still back there getting dressed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jules and Jess are watching football on TV in Jules room, Jules is wearing a striped shirt. A few minutes later when Jules's mother is coming into the room, the girls move over to Jules's bed and now Jules is wearing a solid navy blue shirt.

Correction: The color of the shirt does not change - the lighting just makes it look that way. You must look very closely to see the stripes, but they are there.

Corrected entry: The film starts the day before Pinky's wedding (she tells her friends "one more day of freedom"); however, at least several weeks go by before her fiancé's parents call it off (Jess' teammates wonder if her parents are okay with her playing "all this time"), and we aren't told of any other reason it may have been delayed.

MoonFaery Premium member

Correction: Pinky means that there's one day until the pre-wedding festivities was like the day before her engagement party...there was still plenty of time before the actual marriage, which gives the fiance's parents plenty of time to call it off.

Corrected entry: When Jess' parents are telling her for the first time that she cannot play football anymore, her mother has 3 bracelets on her right arm (1 silver, 2 gold). The silver one disappears for a short time, then reappears before the end of the scene.


Correction: Continue to watch closely and you will see that the gold bracelets merely slipped over the silver one. The gold bracelets fall down off the silver one shortly after it appears that the silver one is "missing."

Corrected entry: Jules is explaining to her mother (while driving away from Jess' sister's wedding) that she is not a lesbian. When Jules is saying "Joe, man, Joe", neither Jules nor her mom are moving their mouths.

Correction: Look closely, even play in slow motion if needed - Jule's lips are moving.

Corrected entry: A few shots after Jess's father finishes putting up the lights on his house, there is a long shot showing the house from day to night, and there is a helicopter flying over the house steadily. If the shot is showing at least 6 hours time, why would the helicopter take 6 hours to fly over one house?

Correction: They are obviously under a flight path, so there would be numerous helicopters and airplanes. It wouldn't be the same one.

Corrected entry: When Julz says to Jess in her bedroom "you're just wasting your bloody time" and opens the door to let herself out, she puts her hand on the outside handle to click the door shut. However, when she "supposedly storms out", the door handle remains pointed downwards, meaning that julz is still holding on to the handle

Correction: The door handle could've been stuck.

Corrected entry: If Jess has to cover up, then why is she running around in a singlet top in the middle of the park playing soccer with Tony and the other guys?

Correction: Jess probably would not care because her parents were not around.

Corrected entry: At one point an American commentator refers to a player in an American TV game as a "footballer". An American commentator would not use this term, as it would be confusing to most Americans - American football is an entirely different game.

Correction: I've heard American commentators use the term "footballer" during international matches. Especially when they are teamed with European commentators.

Timothy Cheseborough

Corrected entry: When Jess's parents have gone to the temple and she is preparing to go to her football match, she runs out the door in what she's wearing, her uniform and a blue jacket. when her father picks her up, she has a long-sleeved teeshirt, track pants and a sports bag with her. Surely he didn't take those for her, if he was angry at her for going?

Correction: We see Jess hide her sports bag in the bushes in front of her house several times after returning from games and practices. She could have hidden it there earlier and grabbed it as she left for the match.

Corrected entry: In the shot after the player makes a goal and the other player is polishing her shoe. In the background you can see Jules trip and fall.

Correction: Jules isn't actually falling over. If you look at that sequence fully, you will see that both Jess and Jules are just kneeling down and giving the girl praise for scoring a goal.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, we see Manchester United playing Anderlecht - a Belgian team. The only time they've done this recently is in the UEFA Champions' League in 2000. The Champions' League is exclusive to ITV, yet EVERYONE in either the studio or doing the commentary is on the BBC.

Correction: The game is fantasy - Jesminder is playing in it. She obviously prefers her daydreams to be commentated on by Motson, Lineker


Corrected entry: When Jess is at the club in Germany, when you first see her on the dance floor she has a glass in her hand. Then when the shot goes back to her the glass is gone.

Correction: When the shot moves away from Jess, she could easily have walked to a table and put down her glass, or given her glass to someone else. There is nothing to show that the glass just disapeared.

Corrected entry: Jess gets her A level results just after she's given up football. A level results come out in August, and the football seson ends in May. It couldn't have been the start of a new season, because she had been playing for a while.

Correction: It is made clear when Jess meets Jules that they are preparing for a summer tournament. It is not that sunny in an English winter.

Corrected entry: After getting sent off, the manager shouts at Jess something like, "You're lucky they don't have suspensions in this tournament." I'm surprised: there's no football tournament I'm aware of that doesn't suspend sent-off players.

Correction: Some tournaments, especially the 'not-so-big' ones, don't suspend sent-off players. Remember Jess plays for an amateur team.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jess is talking to her sister in the wedding car (just after Jules' mother stormed the wedding and accused her of being a lesbian), you can see a little girl through the rear window behind them who repeatedly looks at the camera.

Correction: She might have been looking into the car to see what was going on, not just looking at the camera.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the movie after Jess and Pinky have finished shopping, there's a shot of the guys playing football in the park. If you look closely, the end of a microphone is shown leaning into the top left of the screen. The microphone moves a little, and then is moved back. (00:06:40)

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Jules: Anyway being a lesbian's not that big a deal.
Paula: Oh no of course not sweetheart no. I mean I've got nothing against it. I was cheering for Martina Navratilova as much as the next person.

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Trivia: The director's family stars as extras in the movie. For example, when Pinky and Teets are getting engaged, just before the cell phone rings, a person is shown in a close up. That is the director's aunt. Even the director is shown at the party after the engagement.

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Question: Is there some reason that we are considently seeing planes fly over her house? Is that supposed to symbolize something?

Answer: Jess' house is supposed to be on the main flight path of Heathrow airport. Her mum and dad work there.

Answer: I doubt it; it's probably because the film is set in the Borough of Hounslow, which is in the flight paths of many London airports, including Heathrow.

David Mercier

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