Bend It Like Beckham

Continuity mistake: About 35-40 minutes into the film, Jules and Jess are at the bus stop. Pinky's future in-laws drive by in the Jaguar with nothing in front of them. When the camera shot moves back as they enter the bend, another car has appeared in front of them.

Continuity mistake: In the scene of the football game in which Jess and Jules are not talking, if you watch closely, you can see that Jules' headband changes from a black fabric headband to a crisscross plastic headband.

Continuity mistake: At the football match when Jules and Jess are fighting, Jess dribbles the ball and passes it along the ground to Jules. In the next shot Jules heads the ball and scores the goal which would be impossible to achieve if the ball came to her from the ground.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at Jess' house after the wedding, her mom and two other ladies are sitting on the couch with their feet up. In the first shot of the feet, there are two coffee cups visible, one with roses or some other flower(left) and one checkered blue with flowers (right). In the very next shot there are three coffee mugs on the table, the extra one in between the first two and coming from nowhere as the woman on the right was obviously not holding one. (Even if it was in her left hand and unseen, her arm was up and the checkered mug was closer to her.). (01:35:30)

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the film there is a shot of Jess 's house that looks like time lapse from day to night but there is a helicopter moving across the sky that could not be in all the frames of the time lapse.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the movie after Jess and Pinky have finished shopping, there's a shot of the guys playing football in the park. If you look closely, the end of a microphone is shown leaning into the top left of the screen. The microphone moves a little, and then is moved back. (00:06:40)

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Jules: Anyway being a lesbian's not that big a deal.
Paula: Oh no of course not sweetheart no. I mean I've got nothing against it. I was cheering for Martina Navratilova as much as the next person.

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Trivia: The director's family stars as extras in the movie. For example, when Pinky and Teets are getting engaged, just before the cell phone rings, a person is shown in a close up. That is the director's aunt. Even the director is shown at the party after the engagement.

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Question: Is there some reason that we are considently seeing planes fly over her house? Is that supposed to symbolize something?

Answer: Jess' house is supposed to be on the main flight path of Heathrow airport. Her mum and dad work there.

Answer: I doubt it; it's probably because the film is set in the Borough of Hounslow, which is in the flight paths of many London airports, including Heathrow.

David Mercier

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