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Corrected entry: When Bridget slides down the pole in the fire station and collapses on the floor, you can see the wire that was attached to her to control her descent. (00:51:50)

Correction: Bridget herself is appearing in a TV show at this point - that's a safety wire used by the makers of that show to keep her safe.

Corrected entry: When Bridget and Daniel are in the convertible going to the country for the weekend, her scarf flies off. If you look carefully in the wide shot, you can see a crew member's hand in the backseat pulling it off and then tossing the scarf to the back of the convertible to fly away. (00:32:00)

Correction: I've seen this part in slow-mo, frame by frame and it's impossible to see a hand anywhere. Maybe a faint shadow resembling a hand for a frame. In any case, at regular speed, you can't possibly see it.


Corrected entry: When Bridget is making dinner, she turns on the food processor and the lid pops off, splattering her with food. Technically, this can't happen. Food processors are built with an interlock safety switch that will not allow the motor to engage unless the lid is seated and clicked into a 'locked' position. (01:01:00)

Correction: Actually, I have a rather guff Anthony Worrall Thompson food processor and I can take the lid off and on while the processor blades are operating.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, after Bridget calls out her window to Mark and he doesn't answer she pulls her head back inside and closes the window. She then turns around because of the sound of paper flapping, however there is no wind coming in since she just closed the window.

Correction: She doesn't turn around because she hears paper flapping, but because she's confused about what she should do - don't forget that at that point, she has no idea why Mark left. Besides, a breeze doesn't travel instantaneously through space. It happens that it takes a few seconds after I close a window before the breeze that came in before I did makes something move.


Corrected entry: When Bridget is leaving Daniel's house after he has told her to go home and take a bath, she notices Lara's pink coat on the stand. However, it was not there when she came in and if she had come in while Bridget was there we would have seen her.

Correction: How do we know it wasn't on the stand when Bridget came in? We see Bridget outside ringing the buzzer, then it cuts to them in the flat. The only time we see the coat rack is when Bridget walks past it to leave, then she sees the coat. She might not have seen it when she walked in, due to her being upset about the party. She probably wasn't paying attention to the coat rack. She only gets suspicious after she hears the noise in the bedroom.

Corrected entry: Why did Mark (Colin Firth) just storm out from Bridget's apartment after flipping through her diary? I know it was to buy her a new diary so she could start all over again, but he could have at least told her where he was going...or at the *very* least, answered her when she was shouting out her window to him.


Correction: I've always interpreted this as he's sticking it to her a little - kind of like slapping her wrist for writing bad things about him. But since everything she wrote was basically true and he still likes her, he's not really mad. He's just trying to scare her a little.


Corrected entry: When Mrs. Jones is on the TV show with the jewelery and that other lad, Mr. Jones switches off the TV and then it switches back to the TV again and it's on with out him even touching the remote.

Correction: Although you can't see which button he has pressed I think it only fair to assume it was in fact the "mute" button he hit.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bridget and Daniel are driving on their way to the minibreak, there are 2 types of shots: the wide shot and then the close-ups.if you look closely, the wide shots are very sunny, but for the closeups it's raining. (00:31:45)

Correction: During the wide shot it is very clear there is bad weather coming due to the clouds. In fact there is a very clear shadow from the clouds in the fields. Furthermore, it isn't that weird to have rain while in the sun at the same time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bridget cooks for her friends, and Daniel turns up, the friends immediately grab their cigarettes and lighters and wait. When the camera cuts back they're smoking, yet when it swings back to them, they're sitting there, waiting to light their cigarettes.

Correction: They are smoking. The cigarette of the blonde in the middle has gone out, though.

Corrected entry: When the mum comes home, it is just as they are watching her on the Home Shopping Channel. The HSC is always live, not taped, since they have a limited number of items, and they take phone calls in real time. She couldn't have made it home that soon.

Correction: I am not too familiar with the HSC, however it seems to me that it is technically well possible that the footage is shot before broadcast. The phone operators have to work when the footage is being broadcast. No need to be live on TV. I think, matter a fact, that it would not even be very economical doing it the way suggested here.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Fitzherbert asks to see Daniel before he leaves, Daniel tells him he'll be with him in a second. But Mr. Fitzherbert talks to Bridget briefly, walks down the corridor and opens the door at the end, obviously too impatient to wait for Daniel.

Correction: Mr. Fitzherbert asks Daniel if he could have a word before he (Daniel) leaves, he is not implying that he wants to speak to Daniel presently.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bridget is dressed like a prostitute in the bunny outfit, she is wearing black fishnet stockings. A few minutes later she is wearing plain black stockings, not fishnet.

Correction: She is wearing fishnet for the entire scene, but from afar the fishnet pattern blends into black.

Corrected entry: Bridget's mother Pam telephones her daughter up while she (Bridget) is preparing the birthday dinner for her friends. Pam reveals that she is beginning to have doubts about being with Julian, and at that moment we see Julian snatching his hand away from his manicurist. Julian's voice says 'Be careful, you ham-fisted cow,' but if you watch his mouth, he doesn't actually use the word cow but in fact employs another choice insult which must have got the censorship peoples' backs up a bit.

Correction: On the US DVD he doesn't say cow, but what he does say matches the screen.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Bridget is talking to someone at a party and behind her walks the waiter with a tray. She turns around to take a drink. The first time when she takes the glass it's a long drink glass. When she turns around back to the camera, she is holding a champagne glass.

Correction: If you look closely as the waiter passes by, there's a champagne glass, with a tall glass behind it (making the champagne glass a little invisible.) You can see in that shot as Bridget picks up the glass, it is the champagne glass and the tall glass remains. You can clearly see in her hand the champagne glass before the shot changes..

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bridget and Daniel have just had sex, the phone rings and she answers with the sex goddess bit and then says "Mum!" Isn't this supposed to be at Daniel's flat? How would Bridget's Mum know his telephone number?

Correction: This isn't the same time. When they are talking about what happens at the office Daniel says that this only started as a Wednesday....Thursday etc night thing and not exactly a long term thing (not exactly sure what he says) but basically it isn't the same night!

Corrected entry: When Bridget is walking to work (this occurs twice in the film, where I noticed the mistake) she goes through Piccadilly Circus. The next frames show her crossing Tower Bridge, as if it was just over the road. As anyone familiar with London will know, this could take the better part of an hour to walk this far.

Correction: Assumes the camera should be filming the whole journey, which would be plain stupid. Very likely she's walking to Picadilly Tube station, then coming out at Tower Bridge and walking from there. Wouldn't be very interesting on film to watch her sitting on an underground train for her commute.

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Continuity mistake: After Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver fight in the street and Bridget goes to comfort Cleaver, Mark Darcy flings his jacket over his shoulder as he walks off. You can see very clearly that the white lining of the sleeve, flapping around as he walks. When the camera cuts to his receding back, the jacket is perfectly flat and smooth down his back, and the lining is no where to be seen. (01:12:20)

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Bridget: You once said you liked me just as I am and I just wanted to say likewise. I mean there are stupid things your mum buys you, tonight's another... Classic. You're haughty, and you always say the wrong thing in every situation and I seriously believe that you should rethink the length of your sideburns. But, you're a nice man and I like you. If you wanted to pop by some time that might be nice... More than nice.
Mark Darcy: Right, crikey.

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Trivia: The publishing house where Bridget works is called "Pemberley Press". For those who haven't read or seen "Pride And Prejudice", this is also the name of Mr. Darcy's estate.

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Question: I never understood the joke about the scene where Bridget was wearing the black dress and white undies. Everything looked fine to me, but she looked all embarrassed in front of the guy she was with when the two were fooling around. What joke did I miss?

Answer: The knickers are almost like spanx or the ones that try to hold everything in and appear skinny. Never particularly sexy! I think that's the joke is she wasn't in anything lacy as she didn't think anyone would be seeing them.

Answer: The type of underwear she was wearing was larger than he expected a young woman to wear. They appeared to be what one might call "granny panties."


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