Oliver (1968)

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Nancy, feeling guilty about kidnapping Oliver, has a change of heart and visits Mr Brownlow (it turns out that Oliver is Browlow's nephew). She tells him that she'll bring Oliver to London Bridge at midnight. Meanwhile, Bill Sykes takes Oliver with him to rob a nobleman's house (Oliver is small enough to get through one of the windows), however when attempting to unlock the door Oliver knocks a plate off a table and inadvertantly wakes the owner of the house, forcing Sykes to abort his burglary and return to the Three Cripples with Oliver. Whilst midight approaches, Nancy attempts to "put Oliver to bed" but Sykes tells her to leave him alone and has Bullseye (his dog) guard him. In an attempt to cause a distraction, Nancy sings "Oom-Pah-Pah" and gets the patrons to join in. During the number, Nancy grabs Oliver and makes a run for it, however Bullseye alerts Sykes who gives chase. At London Bridge, Sykes catches up to Nancy & Oliver and brutally murders her (offscreen) but is seen by Brownlow, who's on the bridge. A passerby recognises Bullseye and presumes Sykes killed Nancy (by this time an angry mob have turned up). Bullseye, who was almost killed by Sykes for being recognised, leads the mob to him. Sykes, meanwhile, has turned up at Fagin's hideout with Oliver and demands some money from him. Presently the angry townsfolk arrive which force Fagin and his gang to escape. Sykes takes Oliver to the rooftop and attempts to swing across to another, but is shot and killed by a police officer. Oliver is rescued and returned to Brownlow, whilst Fagin appears when the mob have left and briefly reprises "Reviewing The Situation" and bumps into the Artful Dodger, who gives him a stolen wallet. They leave together singing a rendition of "You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two".


Continuity mistake: When Nancy is singing "As Long As He Needs Me" her dress continually changes between shots from being over her shoulder to half way down her arm.

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Fagin: Careful Bill, please, no violence.

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Trivia: The director, Carol Reed, is actually Oliver Reed's (portrays Bill Sikes) uncle.

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