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Corrected entry: In all the scenes of Victorian London, aside from some green liquid in the streets, there is no litter, no filth. Everything is far too clean.

Correction: 'All the scenes'? So what about the open sewer in front if the three cripples pub? And the alley and stairs leading to Fagin's hideout? The ones that are sinking into the filth and unable to support the crowd chasing Sykes, and where Fagin loses his valuables at the climax? The submitter may not be aware that this is actually raw sewage flowing through the streets of London to the Thames. There are plenty of shots and scenes showing the filth and squalor of 19th century London. The more well-to-do areas are depicted as comparatively cleaner, which they actually were. The film is a stylised musical, not a documentary.

Corrected entry: Near the end where Nancy has just been murdered by Bill Sikes, as Bill runs off with Oliver, they switch to a shot of policeman and other people running up and finding Nancy's body. When they do this, take a look a Nancy - both of her legs move. You won't even have to look very hard, it is quite obvious.

Correction: This is Nancy writhing in pain as she takes her dying breaths and there is nothing that can be done to save her. It's too obvious to be unintentional.

Continuity mistake: In the early-morning scene at Mr. Brownlow's house, Oliver is shown sleeping in his bed. He awakens and his hair is in complete disarray as he walks towards the open balcony doors. Standing on the balcony and gazing outside, however, his hair is combed neatly.


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Bill: Hand it over, you avaricious old skeleton.

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Trivia: Mark Lester, who had the lead role as Oliver, was tone deaf and could not sing, so he was dubbed by the music supervisor's daughter.


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Suggested correction: This isn't correct unfortunately. It was actually the voice of child singer Roger Bowman. For further details go to https://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question42755.html.

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Question: Why was this movie rated G? It does contain some violence and a murder scene and some content that's inappropriate for children.

Luka Keats

Chosen answer: You are correct that "Oliver" does have some material that might be intense for young children - including a murder, some minor violence, issues of adoption, child abuse, kidnapping, and even some sexual content (but only by innuendo). Drinking alcohol is also involved, and some of the characters with whom we are meant to sympathize are, in fact, thieves. But intense content does not necessarily preclude a movie from obtaining a "G" rating. There have been several G-rated movies which have content, including killing, that could be frightening for children, including "Bambi," "The Lion King," "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and "The Wizard of Oz," to name a few. In "Oliver," most of the violence is alluded to, and the murder of Nancy is committed out of sight (only Sykes' hand is visible, and Nancy's screams are heard), though it is frightening and realistic. Violence can be permitted in G-rated films, as long as it is "minimal." Sexual innuendo is permitted, in small doses, as long as lewd acts aren't shown. Intense content is also permitted. Drug use is not permitted, but I suppose the tavern scenes are cartoonish enough as to not warrant a more harsh rating. The bottom line is that ratings are determined by the MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America, and that association is given wide latitude and discretion. Apparently, the "mature" content of "Oliver!" was not viewed as rising to a level which the MPAA felt would warrant a more stringent rating.

Michael Albert

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