Boogie Nights

Trivia: Burt Reynolds turned down the role of Jack Horner several times, he finally agreed to do it reluctantly. He hated the film, and thought his acting was terrible and that the film would be a total bomb, so he publicly denounced it. He even fired his agent. However, when it came out it was hailed as Reynolds' comeback role, and he was nominated for an Academy Award. He then changed his opinion of the film drastically.


Trivia: Little Bill's wife is played by real-life porn star Nina Hartley.

Trivia: Loosely based on the events of porn legend John Holmes' (died from AIDS-related liver failure in 1988) life.

Grumpy Scot

Trivia: The judge who decides against Amber Waves' child custody battle is played by 1970s adult film actress Veronica Hart, who actually went through a similar ordeal as Amber.


Trivia: The conversation that Dirk has with Jack about blocking his sex scenes is almost identical to a conversation John Holmes had with his director.

Trivia: Porn star Ron Jeremy, one of the few people still in the industry who worked during the golden era of the 70s, served as the technical consultant for the film.

Trivia: Don Cheadle is talking to a customer about the TK421 stereo system. TK421 was also a storm trooper's call sign in Star Wars when Han and Luke beat up the troopers and put on their uniforms.

William Bergquist

Revealing mistake: In Dirk's first sex scene with Amber they are both supposed to be naked except for their shoes. At the end of the scene Amber sits up on the table on which they had sex as a female stage hand wraps her in a robe, and you can see she is wearing black panties.

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Dirk Diggler: I'm Dirk Diggler! I'm the star! It's my big dick and I say when we roll!

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Question: The paper bag full of cash from the failed doughnut shop heist - Buck takes it and it's implied he funds his stereo business with it, but would that bag really hold enough cash for what he had planned, even considering money went further back then?

Answer: No - it is implied he put the money into his bank account, qualifying him for a loan. In the time the film is set, that is certainly possible.

Yeah but wasn't he denied a business loan earlier in the film?

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