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9. 7/10. Possibly one of the last great movies of the 90's, one of the best of the year 1997, and the best one ever made about the adult film industry. I don't deny enjoying the movies they turn out, have some along with pictures of many of the lovely ladies both printed and bought off the internet. This movie shows the rise of Diggler and his fall along with a bounce back in a pretty good way. The public looks down on all adult film stars as if they're criminals, worse than abortionists and politicians. When I watched this I felt like I watching actual people just doing their job with a hint of pride to what they considered art. The performance I enjoyed most was Julianne Moore as Amber Waves who seemed to be like a motherly figure trying to do a job and fight her jerky ex too. If anything, this movie humanizes adult film stars and maybe changed some people's minds about them. I would consider this an art movie too since it shows people having a passion for their profession, taking it seriously enough, caring about making all of their movies as good as possible.


Factual error: While Dirk and Reed are running from Rahad's house, and trying to get into Dirk's 'Vette, Rahad fires a shotgun at them. One shot hits the driver's window, which shatters, then a shot at the back of the car showers sparks. Corvettes are fiberglass-bodied, and wouldn't spark. After the sparks, there is no damage to the rear bumper cover, which if really hit with a shotgun blast would at least put some holes in the fiberglass.

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Floyd Gondolli: I like butter in my ass, and lollipops in my mouth, but that's just me.


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Trivia: Loosely based on the events of porn legend John Holmes' (died from AIDS-related liver failure in 1988) life.

Grumpy Scot

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Question: The paper bag full of cash from the failed doughnut shop heist - Buck takes it and it's implied he funds his stereo business with it, but would that bag really hold enough cash for what he had planned, even considering money went further back then?

Answer: No - it is implied he put the money into his bank account, qualifying him for a loan. In the time the film is set, that is certainly possible.

Yeah but wasn't he denied a business loan earlier in the film?

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