Boogie Nights

Corrected entry: The amount of blood on the cash register at the doughnut store increases in the second angle.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: The clean part is the back of the register, the bloody part is the side. You can't see the side of the register in the first shot, it's just hidden.

Corrected entry: During Dirk's first "Brock Landers" movie, he approaches the blonde girl while wearing an apron. From the front, you can see his bare neck and chest, but from behind he looks to have a scarf or apron tie around his neck.


Correction: This happened in the porn film within the actual movie, so any mistakes in the porn film would be considered character mistakes.

Corrected entry: As Eddie is walking over to meet the Colonel at the pool party, Jack has his sunglasses in the left hand pocket of his shirt and the flap of the pocket is open. There is a closeup of Eddie and the Colonel shaking hands and, out of focus in the background, you can see the shirt pocket is closed. (00:41:00)


Correction: Jack has two shirt pockets. One open, which holds the sunglasses - the left pocket - and a closed pocket on the right. The closeup shows the closed pocket, but the shot is too tight to tell whether it is the left or right.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nina Hartley is having sex in the driveway surrounded by men, her husband says to the lighting director..." My wife's in the driveway with an ass in her cock..." I think they put those words backwards, shouldn't it have been "a cock in her ass"? (00:38:15)

Correction: In the original script, the line was indeed "...cock in her ass," but it sounds funnier the other way around so they switched the order of words. Given how angry he is it makes sense he'd not be thinking clearly.

Corrected entry: When Rahad Jackson is telling Eddie and the others about his compilation tapes he declares that the current tape they are listening to is "number 11" But when they show the tape deck up close as it's changing sides it says that it's "compilation 6".

Correction: He's also stoned out of his gourd. I'm surprised he remembers he made tapes at all.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Dirk, Reed and Todd go to Rahad Jackson's place to sell him the baking soda Rahad talks about all the mixed tapes he has and he says the number of the one that is playing at the time. Then when the side ends and there's the uncomfortable silence there is a close up of the tape in the stereo and it's a different number than the one Rahad said.

Correction: This is not a mistake Rahad Jackson is so high on on drugs he doesn't have a clue about anything. It looks like they showed a close up of the tape just so we could see he was wrong.


Corrected entry: In the scene that Dirk's mom flips out and he leaves, Dirk arrives home late at night, and when we see him running out the house, it is very bright out.

Correction: It isn't late at night, it is the next morning. When he leaves the house it isn't 'very bright' - there are no shadows, for example, - and could be morning light.


Corrected entry: About three quarters of the way through the movie, William H. Macy's character gets a gun at the 79/80 New Year party, and shoots his wife and her lover (out of shot) and then proceeds to shoot himself through the back of the throat. Yet later on, he re-appears unpacking a van for Jack Horner, and I'm pretty sure he even has some lines to say. I can't recall any surgery techniques that allow reconstruction of the back of the throat, spinal column etc.

Correction: Bill Macy did not appear again in the movie, the scene this refers to the next to last scene in the movie, when Jack Horner is walking thru his house stopping to chat with each character, the actor unloading equipment is an older character which could easily pass for Bill Macy's father, who is seen throughout the movie as a cameraman.

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