Kevin & Perry Go Large

Continuity mistake: When Kevin and Perry are DJing in Kevin's room, there is a green lava lamp in front of the decks. In one shot the lava lamp is switched off, and in the next shot the lava lamp is switched on, and in the next shot it is switched back off again. (00:21:05)

Continuity mistake: When Kevin is arguing about going to Ibiza with his dad you can see sometimes in the background Kevin's mum is holding a glass and sometimes she isn't.

gandolfs dad

Continuity mistake: When the two are lying down on the beach because of their stiffies they get hooked in, so start pulling towards the sea the camcorder Perry dropped isn't by him in some of the shots.

gandolfs dad

Continuity mistake: When Eyeball Paul puts their footage from the video camera up on the screen, whilst their song "All I Want To Do Is Do It" is playing in the night club, on the video the way Kevin says "Candice, lick my candy" differs from when he said it into the camera earlier in the film.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning we see Kevin throw a book on the floor and it lands leaning against the wall. Later just before the end of the scene the book is gone.

gandolfs dad

Other mistake: When Kevin and Perry go home to find the postman at the front door, the postman asks Kevin to sign for a letter (his father's). If you look closely at the address on the postman's sheet it does not match the address on the letter. You need to be quick and look closely.

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Dad: How much? You've got to be joking.
Bouncer 2: No concessions for senior citizens.

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Trivia: The bouncer working alongside Paul Whitehouse on the door of Manumission is none other than Steve McFadden AKA Phil Mitchell in Eastenders.

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