Kevin & Perry Go Large

Trivia: The bouncer working alongside Paul Whitehouse on the door of Manumission is none other than Steve McFadden AKA Phil Mitchell in Eastenders.

Trivia: When it shows the street and the title 'Kevin and Perry go large' notice every car on the street is a Ford focus.

gandolfs dad

Trivia: Louisa Rix played Kevin's mum in both the film, and the TV sketch, whereas the Dad has been played by a number of actors.


Trivia: Kevin and Perry are characters taken from a Harry Enfield sketch, from his hit TV show, Harry Enfield and Chums.


Trivia: The Bouncer at Manumision is none other than Paul Whitehouse. Paul, Harry and Kathy all starred in Harry Enfield and Chums, a British comedy program.


Other mistake: When Kevin and Perry go home to find the postman at the front door, the postman asks Kevin to sign for a letter (his father's). If you look closely at the address on the postman's sheet it does not match the address on the letter. You need to be quick and look closely.

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Dad: How much? You've got to be joking.
Bouncer 2: No concessions for senior citizens.

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