Kevin & Perry Go Large

Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)

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Directed by: Ed Bye

Starring: Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke, Laura Fraser, Rhys Ifans

Genres: Comedy, Music

Corrected entry: When the two are walking down the street with the magazine they see Kevin's dad come so they start handing it to each other - it eventually slips out and the brown bag is left with Perry. But after that the bag is nowhere to be seen.

gandolfs dad

Correction: Just as kevin throws himself onto the magazine, you can see the paper bag falling out of the left side of the screen, so it is out of shot.

Corrected entry: When Kevin and Perry go into the newsagents to buy a porn magazine, they hand it to the person behind the counter who hands it back to them without a bag around it, but as they walk down the street after it is it a brown paper bag which then gets ripped after they bump into Kevin's dad.

Correction: Look carefully, as Kevin swipes it away from the person behind the counter so quickly, it only looks as if it is on its own, but pause it, as there IS a bag around it.

Correction: It is the real airport.

Other mistake: When Kevin and Perry go home to find the postman at the front door, the postman asks Kevin to sign for a letter (his father's). If you look closely at the address on the postman's sheet it does not match the address on the letter. You need to be quick and look closely.

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Perry: Yes Mrs Patterson.

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Trivia: Louisa Rix played Kevin's mum in both the film, and the TV sketch, whereas the Dad has been played by a number of actors.


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Question: A Trivia entry says that when the title of the film comes up, all the cars are Ford Focus's. Why did the director do that?

Answer: In the UK, at the time of filming the Ford Focus was a very popular family car. Not sure if it was the most popular but its definately a stereotypical family car. So its use would have been to signify that Kev's street is in a typical suburban area.

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