Kevin & Perry Go Large

Revealing mistake: At "El Beachio," when Kevin and Perry order the two lovely ladies a drink, you can briefly see that the glasses are already nearly empty as the waiter gives them to the girls. Presumably, this was done because the girls are expected to nearly finish their drink in a couple of seconds before making a sharp exit due to the embarrassing fake phone call Candice just made.


Revealing mistake: When the two are in the mall at the beginning walking towards the camera you can see a couple of people in the background watching the filming.

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gandolfs dad

Revealing mistake: When Kevin and Perry get puked on in the nightclub by the first guy on the balcony, you can see the second guy with his hands round his mouth covering the equipment used to project the 'sick' for a few seconds before he pukes.


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When Kevin and Perry go home to find the postman at the front door, the postman asks Kevin to sign for a letter (his father's). If you look closely at the address on the postman's sheet it does not match the address on the letter. You need to be quick and look closely.



The bouncer working alongside Paul Whitehouse on the door of Manumission is none other than Steve McFadden AKA Phil Mitchell in Eastenders.