Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins...

Other mistake: At the carnival, the duo is told by the carny that they get seven rings for a dollar, but the only get five.

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Suggested correction: The carny never says anything about how many rings a player gets. He only tells them the way to win, by getting a ring on a bottle.

When he's leaning up against the poke he says "Here we are folks. Seven hoops for a dollar."


I stand corrected. I just rewatched the scene. He does in fact say seven for a dollar. Interestingly, it's clear he hands Chun five rings, but when the rings are shown on the bottle, SIX are shown.

Other mistake: When Remo gouges Stone's eye out in the gas chamber, despite the blood that's present, Remo's hands stay clean.

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Other mistake: As Remo is standing on top of the car Chiun is in, as the camera is looking at them from the back, just before Remo turns around to duck another car, there is a quick glimpse of another person outside the car looking at Chiun, and then he ducks out of camera range.

Continuity mistake: When Mac gets attacked by the dog, he lets the dog grab onto his fake arm and you see from the rear camera angle his other arm reaching into his jacket to release his fake arm. The camera angle changes and his arm is now at his side and you see him reach into his jacket again to release the fake arm.


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Harold Smith: Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1926.

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Trivia: Chiun says that he is from a village called Sinanju in Korea, and that all martial arts descend from Sinanju, the perfect martial art. In the name of the village, Chiun was telling the truth; it does exist in North Korea. However, the martial art Sinanju is bogus.

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