Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins...

Factual error: The fence surrounding the HARP facility that Remo and Conn break into is supposedly electrified. Not possible - it is a standard chain link fence affixed directly to aluminum posts driven into the ground. If it were electrified it would have to be insulated from the posts; the way it is shown in the film, the electricity would shunt into the ground. When the front-end loader hits it, a plume of firework-like sparks erupts from the point of impact. Also not possible - there was nothing in the bucket of the loader to detonate and the metal hitting against the electrified fence would, at most, cause some small electrical arcs.

BocaDavie Premium member

Factual error: About an hour into the movie, while Remo is choking the guy in the car,a meter maid comes up and threatens to hit him with her nightstick. Meter maids in NYC don't carry nightsticks or any other weapons. They barely want them to carry pens. Also, she's repeatedly called officer, they aren't officers either.

terry s

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