Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins...

Corrected entry: When Remo crosses over the wet cement at the Statue of Liberty, he leaves footprints behind, but when the bad guy goes to cross it he falls in and you don't see any footprints.


Correction: As the guy in the dark starts to sink in the wet cement, if you look just to the left side of the shot, the footprints Williams made crossing are still there.

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Corrected entry: Right after Remo burns his hands on the pot of rice, you see him putting the rice into bowls for him and Chiun and there is no steam rising from either the pot or bowls.


Correction: There actually are wisps of steam coming from the bowls. They are very close to the apron, and so could be mistaken for coming from elsewhere.

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Corrected entry: When Remo and Chiun are at the carnival at Coney Island, the attendant tells them that they get seven rings for a dollar. Remo gives him the dollar, and you see the attendant giving Chiun five rings and you hear the sounds of six rings hitting the bottles.


Correction: Chiun is given only 5 rings, and after he tosses them, the camera looks at the bottles. There are 5 rings on 5 bottles, and as a gag, there is a sixth ring tossed onto the middle bottle on top of the one already there, thereby the sound of the sixth sound.

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Corrected entry: When Remo is fighting the bad guys at the Statue of Liberty, he ties a rope around one of the bad guy's neck, and flips him over the side of the elevator cage. The camera angle changes and you see the guy dangling from the cage with the rope attached to his leg.


Correction: Remo does not tie a rope around the neck: he loops the rope around the neck. The scene includes a brief shot of the rope also attached to the attacker's ankle. The intent of the scene, reflected in the angle of the shot and the dramatic musical hit, was to fool the audience into thinking Remo hanged him; instead, he merely tied him up.

Corrected entry: Preparing to fire artillery (near end), the command is given to "lock and load". It should be "load and lock".

Correction: Character mistake:"Lock and load" has been a common military expression for decades.

Continuity mistake: When Grove is shooting at Remo with the handgun and Remo is ducking the bullets, the trees behind Remo change position throughout the scene.


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Chiun: In Korea, door handles do not break.

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Trivia: Chiun says that he is from a village called Sinanju in Korea, and that all martial arts descend from Sinanju, the perfect martial art. In the name of the village, Chiun was telling the truth; it does exist in North Korea. However, the martial art Sinanju is bogus.

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